Golfernoggins is an indoor minigolf that strives for accessibility. This sounds too good to be true, and a part of it is, the holes are not all handicapped accessible, yet that is also in the nature of the business. What makes Golfernoggins special is not their unique hats, it is not their customer service, it is not just their building being accessible enough to deal with my chair that does not turn corners, but it is all of this and the spirit of the owners.



My Person and I discovered Golfernoggins after retrieving my chair from the repair shop, I needed to adapt before I went out and drove in tight corners so we went through the shopping mall where it is located. The doorway to enter was wide enough for my SUV like chair, and when I looked up it was magical. Each and every hole has a wide berth, the paths can fit about four of my chiars on each side, there was a small area for toddlers to play, and so we set off.

There is a small, and I do mean small, fee to play if you want to play golf but not to enter their business. This is a huge difference between most of the minigolf locations, and none of those are accessible. Going to the back of the building we found arcade games. None of them were full of the overt violence that would keep young children from playing, the shooting games were either exhibition shooting or hunting dear. All of the games worked. There was even a table for Air Hockey, and it wasn’t so tall that I could not play. I knew I was on to something good then.

The design of the holes was also striking, great care was put into them, each hole is challenging but also easy enough to be impressive. I believe I can play if I use my walker when on the putting green, and I look forward to it. I cannot wait to make it to the Sphynx hole. The holes are just gorgeoous.

We decided to hit the food bar next, seeing if there was anything I could eat. Being allergic to the major food groups there was no expectation of variety, but a tiny hope that maybe I could eat something. I asked about their nachos, and I did not have to argue to see the ingredients but my request was met simply, and with a happy smile. I felt good about having asked, it was not treated like a burden.

Not only was there the Nachos that I can eat, but, in their cabinets next to the candy they had healthy chips, fruit cups, and some sugar free offerings. They literally have something for every potential customer. I asked the man who I presumed was a manager permission to do a write up on his shop, and explained the Accessibility Awareness Award, and he was honored if shocked. It was his goal to try and make a safe environment for everyone. This also is a family run and owned business, which makes them all the more special. Small businesses at their level are not required to follow the ADA laws. They do.

So, the first Catnip goes to Golfernoggins. If you ever see me wearing a golfing green Tam O Shanter on my head, you know where I am heading!

For more information on Golfernoggings, including finding them please visit, At the time of this writing their website is advertising fundraising for Multiple Sclerosis, and has offers of discounts.

Golfernoggins is located at 4910 B Lomas NE 87110 (Just West of San Mateo) in Albuquerque.
(505) 999-1067

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