The Catnip Parade

Too many websites and blogs focus on just the negative. It is much easier to find and therefore I want to create a special place to list and share the stories of places and people who do things above and beyond what is required by basic human decency. These people help others, fight for your rights, or follow the law even when it might cost them something. If you have someone to add, please leave the details in a comment.

The numbers only state the order that these Catnips were discovered in, it is merely an organizational process, nothing more. Click the name to find out more about the group or Business that received an Accessibility Awareness Award. If you are on the list and have not received your Accessibility Awareness Award yet feel free to drop me a line if the date given has passed.

1. Golfernoggins

2. Glamour Secrets

3. Lobo Anime and Comics

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