Glamour Secrets

An accessible Beauty Salon. You read that right, an accessible beauty salon. Now, with my massive amounts of allergies and sensitivities entering a beauty salon is like walking into a mine field looking for mines, yet, I felt drawn to this place. I was curious, and since I had already taken some preventative medicine I entered.

Although there was the usual salon smell, it wasn’t overpowering. The walls lined with various cosmetics. Immediately this very fashionable woman steps forward and asks me what I need. Last time I was in a salon, I had a knot in my hair caused by extensive bedrest, and was treated like crap for choosing to cut it out and donate the rest of my hair to Locks of Love. I hadn’t really had any experience with salons excluding desperation and once in High School for a formal event.

This business left me wanting to get my hair, nails, and make up done. The owner, again, presented the right side of her business. I took a spin around, also in the Chair that does not Turn, and noted even the chairs could accomodate my needs. I can get my hair cut, dyed, and even permed there. Not only that but the cosmetics on the walls were varied. There I found make up that is colorful and that I am not allergic to. If I want to wear something non nuetral, I now can.

I asked a few questions and after the Q and A I walked away with a price list, reasonable prices, some of them seem even too low. They offer everything, and although not everything they offer is necessary to me, this business offered something amasing. Accessibility. Politeness. Once more, a small business that meets the ADA requirements despite not being required to.

Being treated like a person, having an accessible building, offering cosmetics that could work for anyone, and, making certain that you, as a business owner, accomodate every person who walks in your door reasonably, when you do not have to? This merits an Accessibility Awareness Award.

Check out Glamour Secrets, located in the Wyoming Mall 2010 Wyoming Boulevard Albuquerque, NM 87112.

You can also call them at (505) 284-5443.

At this time they do not have a website, but when they get one, I will update this page.

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  1. This is awesome!!! I will definitely have to go in sometime if i am ever in New Mexico. I’m not completely disabled and can still manage most places but they DESERVE business from anyone and everyone for this. =) Plus maybe their salon smell wont make my nose burn and eyes water.

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