Rules for Commenting

I love comments, and although I cannot always respond to them, I look forward to even the less than positive ones. However, there are a few rules which I should post, or I am being unfair to you.

1. No cussing. I do not care how angry you are, if you post curse words you will have your message edited, and if I cannot make a coherent statement without your cursewords, then your post will be deleted.

2. No hate speech. This is a safe place for everyone, except the predators. If you are hunting for prey you have yet to find it.

3. Use Logic, have fun, and interact!


  1. Are you on a strict gluten free diet? Do you use gluten free cat food? If not it could be a source of cross contamination. Is your live in car giver gluten free? If not she should not be using any wheat flour in your house, because the stuff puffs up and gets in the air – you breathe it in and it makes you sick.

    I am doing researce on the gluten free diet & HS. I do not have HS but I am gluten free.

    I hope you are having a good day.
    jeanne webb
    Houston, TX

  2. edit to mean, care giver!!! But if you have a car giver you could share with me! 🙂

  3. If I had a car giver I would so share with the world. As long as they were not gas guzzlers anyway.

    I am on a strict gluten free diet, and now that I no longer have a live in caregiver my home will remain free of all non catfood gluten. Since my male caregiver tainted everything with gluten, my new shiny caregiver (she sparkles) has managed to de gluten as much as possible, I feel safe enough to leave a slice of GF bread on the counter for ten seconds.

    The cat’s food is not GF because I have yet to find a GF catfood my cats can eat. My cats also have allergies. What is HS? I avoid Gluten in every possible way, the cats even have their food segregated and I do not feed them myself (partly due to the bending)

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