Breaking the Rules.

I am about to break my own rules. I have been listening almost obsessively to the Lily Allen Song,”Fuck You.” I couldn’t exactly get around the song title so my rules are broken just this once. The sentiment of the song pleases me greatly. It is a general Fudge Off to whomever you want. It works well for dealing with Medicaid! I had it running during my half an hour of holding trying to get a ride to the doctor.

Oh yes, I am going. I am expecting to have to walk across an entire hospital, and I am terrified but I may also get my legs working by then. The electric chair, how I miss it. That is not something I can focus on right now, however. I am more concerned with the treatment that I receive whenever I call Medicaid. Why am I not a person? In calling for a ride I was of course required to give all of my identifying details to a stranger over the phone. (So comforting… not!) When confirming my address, I was told that I couldn’t be me because I gave a different address. I have moved, but I updated my address immediately with Medicaid, with the Foodstamps office et al.

I convinced her I was me, explaining that it must not have been updated (because my service coordinator via Amerigroup doesn’t do his job and makes me want to commit acts of violence upon his person so he has to deal with himself in an epic paradox). So I give my phone number, which is off as well, but not to the older number I once had but some number… that was the product of a typo. Switched two digits. The woman then yelled at me.

I managed to convince her to make the appointment for a ride and she then said, “You realize that because you have a service animal the company may be able to reject giving you a ride.” What? WHAT? My brain went blank and I nearly lost it. It took a lot of service cat snuggles and deep breaths to not cry. Confirming the appointment was made was just not happening with this person. I played the song once more, and called Medicaid again.

I was calling to make sure my address and number were correct, but when I mentioned why, after the lovely phone center employee mentioned nothing was out of order besides my phone number… the previous person lied, she put me on hold, and she connected with the transport center, and helped me confirm I really do have a ride. i spent the entire time fighting myself on crying again, and was even complimented on calling back. Apparently few ever do until it is much worse.

So after that I decided, if Medicaid is full of a mix of screw ups and nice people who cannot do more than update addresses all day, what else am I not being told? Turns out my transfer to the new agency is COMPLETE. Actually I was supposed to be in a meeting right now with a potential caregiver but, a sick child happened and the agency cancelled. I am not exactly going to complain, though I am at the limit of my fending abilities.

So I am breaking the rules, I am learning that song, and I am going to play it in my head often. It’s another long week, but at least I got to go Trick or Treating. The cats and I somehow only got candy I can eat. It was like a Halloween Miracle… for my tummy.

April Fools Updates

None of these are Jokes. I am not really big on pranks as most of them seem rather spiteful instead of funny to me.

So, the updates are:

Two new pages! I have some rules about posting comments, which most of you follow instinctively but I should post so that everyone has a fair advantage. The other page is about the Open Blog Policy, something borrowed from Renee at Womanist Musings. This policy also has a few rules but, if someone wants to contribute to this blog I will not say no without a very good reason.

I have recently added several blogs to the blogroll and will be adding a few new links in the next few days.

So, Happy April Fools, hopefully you weren’t THE Fool.

Updates and a Contest

I updated the Catnips page. I finally found some people who merit the Accessibility Awareness Award! This award has been gathering dust for over a year. I hadn’t given up on it but I had stopped actively hunting. I found both places in one day, and there is a third that is pending processing. (This just means I am making certain the company approves of their being posted online with a write up, to respect their image.)

Each business gets a subpage in the Catnips section, linking on both the side page or you can find them via the Catnips Page.

This brings us to the second order of business, the contest.

First, what I offer you. A page about you on the side bar, permanently. Linking to your website if you have one, or when you get one, and finally spreading access and awareness of you. If you win, I will also post an interview on this blog about you.

Here is what I ask in turn, I am asking for artists to draw, paint, photomanip, and create one of two images, you can enter with both. Either draw Super Cripple, defending justice and advocating for equal rights or the Cork Screw of Justice! If you want specifics from me, ask, and I will post them here for all to see to keep the contest fair.

If you aren’t an artist feel free to pass this around to someone who is. If you are, I am not worried about skill level, just do your best and have some fun!

Now, the first person to draw Super Cripple did so on request, so, I present access to the art page of a friend of mine. Rich also known as Realmis also known as Soulstarisborn draws some really unique work. I hope someday to buy his comic books. In honor of the Watchmen Movie he offered free Super Hero drawings so I dropped him a line and he drew Super Cripple for me. He renamed her Libra, partly because he understands the concept of isms, and how some words can only be used by people they were once used to Oppress.

Super Cripple as drawn by Rich

Super Cripple as drawn by Rich

Edit: I forgot to put the deadline in. You have until May 1st at Midnight to enter, and, to submit either post a link to a DeviantArt Page or email the images and your personal details to Textual Fury and include the words Art Contest in the Subject!

Updated Sections

I just realized I should actually post when I update things.

I updated a lot of the pageant information, now there are actual details instead of just “Yarrrr coming soon” posts. I also updated my disabilities information page and I added links about Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I am planning to add photos to the photo section this week, though I am not certain of what.

I also opened the Yahoo Group for the pageant discussions and contests. I am going to write up the rules for the first pageant for IMVU tonight, to distract myself from my lack of speech preparation. I may be decent and prepare instead.

I want to put a call out for art as well. If you can draw keep an eye out for the details on the impending art contest. Here’s a hint. Corkscrew of Justice. I want it drawn.

A health update is due as well. I am almost completely perfect, for my average. I still have a nasty cough but, it is residual. My service cat has begun to regain her voice as well.

One last note, I haven’t been blogging for a month yet and have consistent readers, at least ten views a day. Thank you for your support! I am honored to be read so often. In the last twenty days there have been over 300 hits to this blog. I am certain this is much lower than some of the .com blogs that have been around but, it is encouraging. I am not going anywhere.

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