I feel the spider webs of life
I see the glimmer of dew
I see sister
I see brother
I see rainbows in their flesh
I am one they are another
Together we are life.
Whispers in the wind
Knowledge lost for centuries
Soon shall be known again
I see the dawn
I see the evening star
The Moon and Sun can share the sky
Connected, so we are.

I have been reading, thinking, struggling, breathing, existing, and praying today. It’s not a pain day but it’s not a good day. Somewhere in between the moments of fog I felt a spark. I felt a connection. I am reading about Kola Boof, I am reading her words and I feel that connection. Her words resonate down in my soul. I cannot claim sisterhood with her but I can claim she is human. She is a person. In reading her words I see someone who has known pain, hate, anger and also great love. I see something I can aspire for. I do not have to aspire for pain that makes people question the reality of your life but I can aspire to instead use my own healing to teach and grow.

I feel inspired, even as my body reaches for the shut down. Even as I have to put everything aside to rest. When I wake can I feel the spark of the story that I lost? Can I find the path again? I believe I can. When I wake I will resume doing as I have been, and fighting to cast off ignorance and to find the truth. Truths of the world and truths of who I am. Truth of music, Truth of light. I am drawn to the power of Kola’s words and to the truth that they bear.

I am drawn to the ideas, the whispers, and the shouting of victory, freedom, and I am drawn to the things that the media hides. I am drawn out, and I find myself with the spark. Soon the spark will flame, and I will write again and again, each word sharper than a sword to seek out the lies and purge them from my mind.

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