Do you even pay attention? (Trigger Warning)

Kowalski from Here There Be Dragons sent this link via Facebook. The link is horrible. It’s bad. It’s extremely triggering. Here it is. I will let you find out the title there if you can handle such hate. It’s a hate group against Children with Downsyndrome. The title specifies this. They are called monsters. I ran into an old friend this weekend who happens to have Downs. She was my wake up call to the reality of the disabled.

J had a job, she can out work me now actually. We worked together for a while. She turned out to have the best sense of humor. She also was prideful, beautiful, and enchanting. I do not honestly remember everyone I know’s name. Names are rarely important. I remember her. I enjoyed talking with her. She was not a monster.

I am asking for everyone to report this. I did so on my facebook page and to my horror people turned around and … joined. So now I am posting here. Do they even pay attention to what this means? What if someone with Downs comes across that page? Adult or child it does not matter. The hate there is damaging to ME and I do not happen to have that particular condition. Just knowing it is there, festering away. I feel ill.

Facebook Advocacy

I found out about the Facebook group fighting to force Facebook to enforce their own Terms of Service over at Chewing the Fat. If you read my Blog you know the main theme is advocating in every moment. There is always a choice in what you do. If you face book, please, join in.

Protect the people with cognitive and developmental disabilities such as Downs Syndrome who are being used for the entertainment of the ignorant and bigots. We need to fight for them. The link to the group is or you can click here for direct access to the page. I would not want to be victimized with my image being used in the manner that these groups are. The main focus of the group is to ban the word Retarded from Facebook.

Let’s make it so!

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