A call for writers and some moments of Cats and Awesome

I feel like a character in a musical this morning, my mood is so good. I was actually cranky for the last few days and couldn’t figure out why. I finally had alone time (something I miss with caregivers, alone time to me means days of solitude) but I just hurt and hurt. Sprite and her magic paws of awesomeness found the source of the epic pain. That isn’t the source of my good mood however.

Here is a science fiction writing contest with a theme on disability, the rules stipulate the disabled character cannot be disabled to mark their evil. This is the main reason that I have not read any sci fi in the last year, as I have grown tired of the same tropes, it wounds me. I’ve instead begun to write scripts and dramas that focus on this very thing. I am going to enter (will start that story once I finish my show pitch and between composing for the composition gig). If you are a writer, want to try your hand at it, or know someone who may be interested pass it along. This entire paragraph is a link that is screaming CLICK ME.

Ria, an ally and a friend on Facebook also shared this link with me today. It’s a call for papers about the same topic, disability and literature. I think addressing the treatment of those of us with disabilities in writing is a huge step towards being enabled by our communities. Not tolerated, not accepted, not just respected but enabled and embraced. So this paragraph is also a link that is screaming CLICK ME.

I know that on the competitive side of things some of you may be wondering why I would want competition but, I am the sort of person that likes it. I want to go against the best so that when I win there is no doubt in my mind that victory was deserving and if I lose then I can just try again and again. Sometimes of course I am disheartened but, I feel already a winner with this literary contest. Not because I will win, but because I feel my humanity is being embraced, my flag flown high, I feel enabled. I am enabled to find something to read that doesn’t have me rolling my eyes at the helplessness, evilness, or apparent horror that is NOT actually inherent with disability.

Now on to the crankiness. It’s another Sprite Tale. I have lived with her for five or six years now, can’t peg it today which is fine with me. Each day she amazes me with her intuitive nature. Florence Nightengale wishes she had my cat for her nursing aide. From the waist down for the last few days my pain level has been slowly increasing. I couldn’t peg it and was going to call the doctor this morning although I just saw her. This started the day after my last appointment.

The ache in my knees was bigger than anything the arthritis causes, and since it was rainy I was certain that was the culprit. I did my normal rub downs to check for dislocations and there wasn’t any sign of one. Everything felt normal if a bit squishy. I chalked it up to a few days of a flair up and tried to go with it. Yesterday the pain got worse, and worse, and worse. By the time it was 11 pm I had to throw in the towel and went to try and sleep. As I laid down Sprite did her evening body check.

She started with my head and worked her way down tucking my blanket in around me. This limits how much I can move without waking up, but since I have to wake up anyway and it’s very comforting I don’t mind. It’s one of the very human things Sprite does that amuses me and makes me wonder why people think that the cat has to be the baby. Nymph was helping and worked her way down after, which tickled considerably. I managed to not laugh too much and after Sprite was done she curled up to purr on my knees.

Sprite proved to me long ago that her purring can ease my pain. I am sure there is a psychological component but she usually warms and massages the muscles and there is some mention in a national geographic that I can’t find (or I’d give you the source) that the cats purr can increase bone density. It’s being studied. Cats do purr more when they are wounded and Sprite purrs more and closer to my body’s aches and pains.

I felt it then, I really had dislocated my knee. It wasn’t something I had felt because the bone had tried to go back into place and was pinching the tissues. I could feel the exact spot that was out, it wasn’t my knee cap which is the usual suspect but instead my stretchy tissues had let my knee snap down when I’d stumbled in the bathroom, the one place I have to walk.

With a different type of dislocation I had to figure out how to fix it, but with Sprite’s help that didn’t actually take much. I just dangled my leg over the end of the bed, she went on the floor and pushed up. It hurt, but I could feel gravity pull things apart and with her pushing up, not a lot of force needed, everything snapped into place. It made me feel like I am a giant Lego. The sound was similar.

She tucked me in again and resumed purring on my knees. I slept for four hours uninterrupted, which is twice as much as normal. Nymph and Sprite took turns being closest to my legs when I would shift or roll over. This morning my legs still ache but the pain is almost subtle, almost normal, and it is decreasing rapidly. My muscles are tired from over compensating so it will be a few days but once again Sprite has amazed me with her grasp of how to make her human better.

If I had a million cat dollars (mouse tails perhaps?) I’d give them to her just for her awesomeness.

It’s Okay to Cry over Spilt tea!

I just dropped an entire glass of tea. I made the journey to the bathroom first, because a primary rule when you are mobility challenged is pee whenever you are near the bathroom. This way if you can’t go later it isn’t as bad. I am sure not everyone has this rule but it is one of mine. Another is only drink as much as you think you can make it to the bathroom. IE See rule number 1. I did not break the glass, but the entire glass of tea is now on my electrical cords, purse, and a few other things on t he floor. I see some saturated mail too. Woops. Sometimes when this happens I just burst into tears from the frustration. I cannot currently go and get another glass of tea. It takes so much effort and getting there will make me thirstier than sitting. No wonder my doctor always goes “You are too dehydrated drink more.” I have even told her, I will drink more when I know I will not be making a mess of my sitting space because i drank soo much liquid.

At least the tea tastes like crap? One of the tea bags was off, maybe a little old or not, but dang this pitcher is biiiiiitter. I did not cry this time, because I am in a very good space and it will take a lot to bring me down. This is day two in a row however when not enough around the house has gotten finished, which means that tomorrow if things aren’t better it’s time to call the office and say “HEY, caregiver failing.” My newest caregiver is doing a fantastic job, I need to state this. It has been made apparent however that her mind is somewhere behind pluto right now. If I make that call she gets a warning not fired.

I dislike breaking new people in so that helps too. Still the tea reminds me of how much frustration can be had trying to do it alone. If you are, it’s okay to cry when you spill your tea. It’s okay to let it soak into the carpet. It’s okay to just ignore it and try again later. This goes for anything. It’s all going to be okay. Take it one task at a time. I recorded my lines for the Audio show I got a really teensy role in. The character is teensy, and I had fun. I will make sure to link to that episode when it is released but if you listen to Star Wars Blue Harvest, I am coming. (Insert ominous music there) I am coming, and I will be in your ears.

For those of you who cannot hear the role, I am going to try and get a drawing of the character I am playing saying my line, probably the cuteness will make you spill your tea! I also recorded a few auditions for another role but it is so wrong for me. The role is just no where in the Kat that exists or has existed. I may be a tough girl, but my voice does not carry that, and any accenting to make it tough felt wrong. So I am letting that role go. I already have another role in a British commercial for a space thingy, and then another in a video game as the computer. I get to pretend to be a hot female Hal 9000! Wooh? Maybe?

Additionally, I recorded some music related to my ability and disability. I am going to make a music page soon, and I will make a transcription of the songs. They just sort of happened. So, does anyone have a towel I can borrow?

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