The Voicemail

This is what I posted on my facebook after finding out that at 343 pm today, well after I had made calls of desperation and pushed myself into physical and mental shut down, that Heart to Home called back and I get the same carer.


“So I had shut down today, for quite a while. Not that thisis a surprise given everything going on. Tomorrow Miss “She came on to me because she was naked” is going to supposedly be back. Except she will not do anything cat related. Ie litterbox, cat water dish, and cat meds. I also have a voicemail stating that I need to respect all boundaries. Cause I am to know those without them being stated.OH and I can give her my debit card and she can get groceries. I am sure they are presuming I have foodstamps right now, but not for a little over a week. Not so shockingly they get used up.

This is CLEARLY not going to work. I am sure my being quiet and probably surly because I do not want to even come close to saying something wrong will be the next issue or when I shower. So much frustration. ”


I considered uploading the voicemail because I recorded it with my tablet. The condescension here is that I knew the boundaries and willfully ignored them. WHAT boundaries? Boundaries are set via communication. So I am updating here and … it is not over. Clearly. Why would they send the same woman? Its a new company run by “experienced” staffers. The owner went back to nursing school and stuff. Etc. So I should be bowing down with gratitude because… if I concede to living in a house with no cats I can have care! I cannot live with a filthy litterbox. I cannot make the cats live without water or food. I cannot continue to make them go without their meds. So if I give up my service animal, who should be accounted for in the hours, then I an have care. If I let them stripmine every little good thing from my life I can have care. I mean who wants to go outside.

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