Ambercare, Heritage and the Lie

I realized I do not have to be professional. These agencies certainly have not been as far as office staff. I have no experience with Ambercare’s staff at all but Heritage… I just had their office manager leave my house after informing me how Heritage is already failing their clients with allergies. I was offered very unclear platitudes that boil down to, “I am a horrible person working for a company that says it values its reputation and seems unaware we are notorious for poor service.” I chose them out of desperation not choice. My thirty hour allotment made her wince, because I am to think of the poor carer who needs more hours to make ends meet. I am to feel bad that she feels vulnerable without slathering on perfume and other body odor enhancers. I am to feel guilty for having needs that do not conform to easy and basic.

That is why I am posting this. Heritage in New Mexico, sucks. A company that claims they will serve you and lets you wait for a week, while one of their carers destroys your waredrobe is very unaware of how reality works. See this handy tool the internet? I don’t have to be calm. I can write a post while frustrated, angry and betrayed. There was no reason to get me up early to accommodate their schedule for something that could have been done with a phone call, without the bullshit excuses, and the fact she admits they are not meeting the needs of their other clients? Epic fail. I should have recorded it.


My experience with their helping hands division has been wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, I am pissed as hell about the laundry but the adult protective services three hours a day, not nearly enough to do more than survive on, has had me meet a variety of competent staff. There have been no cucumberings, a few questionable smells but I dealt with the itch, as I could tell they tried and it was not enough to fuck with my breathing. Yet Ambercare did the same thing. Heritage too. I do not get to pick my needs. If I did you would not HAVE jobs. At all. I am sorry my assessment was so blunt, except that nope. You failed. Miserably. Ambercare at least just called. You invaded my HOUSE. Your attempt at scent free was a failure. Your outfit hardly work appropriate.


I have done your job. I know it is not easy but telling me there is a carer shortage and its just too hard is a bitch move. Heritage? You are a bitch. Ambercare? You are a slightly less bitchy bitch. The people who work for you must feel shame, trapped. You have a carer shortage because people go elsewhere. No wonder people shuddered in horror when I admitted to giving you all a try.

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