Memorializing Memorial Day

As I sit here this Memorial Day enjoying a random cold attack from leaving the AC on with an impending storm, I think about my freedom. I do this on not memorial days too. Maybe it is living right by the base. Maybe it is this house’s history seeping in to my pores. Though I lived in other places and thought this too. I know despite all the crap and bad stuff in my life I was lucky to be born in the US. There are some real advantages.

I think of the soldiers I have met, the ones who came home a bit different, the ones I met after they had already been through the wringer with and without PTSD, the children who want to go and be in service when they are old enough. I think of my baby brother who is enlisted and I have no idea where he is.

I try to thank the soldier’s I see any time I see them. Just a nod that they made a choice to protect people. if their orders are otherwise that is not entirely on them and I am glad I live in this country. I am glad I live in a house that is affordable enough that I am not going to be homeless, even if the politicians sure make that difficult. This house would not exist without soldiers. It was built in World War Two for extra housing for Officers. It was used for them to allow planning of a fight for freedom for billions of people against horrible forces and to stop the Holocaust.

It still is beautiful. I live where the top brass of our local Base stayed. My own home has a nice yard, and a tree planted back then. It was one of the “nicer” square identical cubes. I would have no home literally without military.

I cannot say Happy Memorial Day, because i think it should be a somewhat pensive and introverted one. I think we should see our connections to each other. War is crap, but I know it is not going away in my life time. Having a chance at survival in the myriad of ways listed and not however, is one of the many reasons I am glad that my country has enough soldiers to keep me safe.

There are so many political things I am not saying here, because they are not what this day is about. TOmorrow I will go back to fighting against those politics. Right now? I am going to think about all of the people I know who did amazing things. THis is not just the default male archetype, but the women I know who worked in Factories and even as nurses in various wars. Who defended the home while the men went off to fight.

So it is Memorial Day. The world as we know it, imperfect as it is, is shaped in vast and innumerable ways by the willingness of people to fight to protect their territory, their loved ones, and even strangers of all walks of life.

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  1. I appreciate your thoughtful words of remembrance on this important day.

    I’m remembering “wounded warriors” myself today. Hoping to raise awareness and spark conversation, I posted this –

    I’d love for you to stop by and leave a comment, if you feel so led.

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