Congratulations, you have won the (Genetic) lottery!

While I write this WordPress is under maintenance. I find it amusing, their maintenance and mine overlap. I have been ruminating on this concept for a while now. Its something that I think everyone who is different needs to hear. Since no one is actually normal, I suppose this means it is a thought for us all. Being born means you are not a loser. Growing up and never fitting in to where ostensibly I “should” belong, I always wondered what made me so different. Now that I have the laundry list of genetic flaws, foibles, oddities, cool stuff, and then the bit if information that I am an Autist? I know the reason I am so different but sometimes I find myself questioning the validity of my birth. Why did I matter enough to be born? Was it some God’s will? (I don’t think so, you can think so but Atheist is one of my chosen labels) Was it a random mix up with genetics and somehow my LOSER genes happened? Nope. Genetics and being here prove I am awesome. Sure, my family is made up of people who are functionally not okay with in the rules of society but abuse is not genetic. It is a habitual tradition. Once I take that out of the mix, looking at what my differences provide genetically as if I were a cave person, it all makes sense. Super flexibility. Why would this genetic trait which disables people at a variety of rates from Birth to middle age end up surviving? Well, considering that Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome appears to be a dominant disorder, sensitive to wheats (yes wheats. There are types.), and has a high rate of connection to the colder European regions, I am going to suggest being more flexible gave someone the advantage, outside of the eventual circus in hunting, reaching, and gathering food. If you have to climb, stretch and contort in order to get your food, say reaching the last berry in a crevice no one else can? You sure as heck get the sex based on being the person to feed people. Add in the fact that this genetic disorder has saved my life from traumatic injuries, such as broken neck, back, hands etc and it can also NOT disable you. The vascular aspects are a lot more dangerous than the flexibility factors but even then, without the big flashing sign of “I may die if you cut me even if it isn’t a vital area” there is no way to know. Often people with the vascular complications of EDS survive into their middle age. Which means they out live any prehistoric or even medieval counterparts. Shrugging off that “crushing blow” which should have shattered your bones in combat? Priceless. Flexibility also supposedly makes you have better sex, and thus… the genes say? I am awesome. Autism. Yes, I think this is genetic. I think there are variations of flavors with autism, like raspberries and pomegranates. The colors are the same, but they are really different yet someone who has never seen the two juices may go “same” until they taste it. With this analogy only I and my fellow autists get the delicious berry juice. Sorry, you are stuck with orange. I am sure a lot of people reading this will go, “But Kat…” starting with bad grammar. Naughty people. “Autism is new. It’s only existed since that Asperger guy and those other people finally noticed the kids staring at the walls!” Except not. Autism is not new. There are studies, scientific theory, and my personal favorite; stories all with hints of autism, flat out autism, or the dead on descriptions of various sorts of Autist. Most often we are the Changelings. Changelings, for those who do not know, are constructs of children that grow, think and breathe yet never mesh with society. Some never speak. Most have a haunting stare. They just never quite manage to blend into society. These constructs are replacement children tucked into the cradle by the faeries. Some changeling were allowed full lives in society, others had their brains dashed out showing that it isn’t just modern parents who suck when it comes to accepting that their child is different. The entire concept of cataloging where people differ is a very new one. That is why Autism is shown to be something that is newer when it comes to diagnosis. I wouldn’t go back in history for the world because knowing why your brain does what it does matters. Something about Autism bust be recessive, as often an autist would be the only child like them. This means that our ancestors spend entire lives feeling alone, disconnected, and they never had the benefit of googling their differences. I hate the world symptoms for the basics of how my brain functions. My thoughts are not symptoms after all. They just are sparks in the chasm of idea. Obviously the ability for a person with Autism to function in modern society cannot be a direct parallel for someone in the medieval era or cave man days with autism trying to function. For one, a person now has a lot more input to contend with. While in the medieval era there were cities, these cities still shut down when the sun went down, were a lot quieter than ours now, though no doubt they stank worse. The repetitive food choice thing, where texture and smell matter could be lined up with finding better food. I have noticed that my choices go for healthier food. The smell often means food is rotten or will make me sick, so this sensitivity is a survival mechanism. There were less choices to make, and someone who needed to sing while they worked or wanted to learn actually had a lot more benefits and advantages when it came to apprenticing. That passion driven aspect where we want to know everything about something would be in fact a career boost. Go back further and a recent article I won’t link since you can google and wordpress is down, suggests that this driven aspect and the need to remember things in a photographic and spacial way was an advantage for the hunter gatherers. Remembering where the food grows? Vital to survival. Thus again, despite some brain smushing by ignorant pricks genetics bring us here, now. It takes a long time to breed traits INTO the gene pool and both of these genetic conditions? Not recent mutations. It goes further. We have the jock (hunter of the mastadon), the nerd/geek (leader, spiritual guide, berry minder), and every other clique because these are the types of people needed to keep society going as a whole. While I cannot say every person consented to having children, being bred, and so on? I can say that we would not exist if our ancestors were not made of awesome. I am sitting here writing this, curling up from agony into my chair because my ancestors found this stuff useful. We exist, because we are the winners. Losers don’t get laid. Losers don’t have kids. (Okay some still do). Over all genetics is all about the path of the most desirable mate. Instinctually, financially, physically. You must trace your genetics back, and each generation even with parents like mine something about those two people said to the other, “I am your mate, genetic winner and lottery is in my pants. Enter to win!” Civilization grew out of the various people needed to keep it going, and there has always been a space for the geek. The outsider. We’re not so far outside of society after all, just because we are born. It may not always feel like it, but, we’re the best of the best of the best humanity has to offer. On that note? We’re so doomed.

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