A Movie Review and some gushing about accessibility… aka Hugo

Today I went out and saw Hugo, a movie about a boy and his dolly! Not actually joking but that is the premise. In a post war, modernized steampunk Martin Scorsese writes a love letter to silent film and the origins of an industry that for many is omnipresent. Each character talks about how movies are dreams, sometimes to excess but the movie shows us in glorious detail how movies are dreams. I saw the film in 2D, because the 3D process can cause seizures, headaches and other not so fun or movie enhancing issues.

The story is strong, well paced, and it has all the appropriate tear jerker moments. The casting is superb though there is a weak point. As is expected of films with children having to carry the burden of the story there is always one or two actors who aren’t quite good enough. In this case it’s an adult, who decided that playing a character with a disability means that he needs to make that character the opposite of what it was written to be. Sascha Baren Cohen really needs to stop making films. I know he is popular, but this is with the crowd of people who like to watch racist crap, with no plot like Borat. His career should’ve petered out by now.

HIs character steals the scenes in the wrong way, and a figure who should be imposing, as terrifying to small children as the villain from Chitty Chitty bang Bang was when I was a child was to me, turns into a clown. He cannot smile, he cannot walk well so when he runs he crashes through things in an oh so eyeball stabbing way. Obviously Cohen is not entirely responsible for the farcical moments in an otherwise amazing film.

This love letter has amazing visuals, you could see the well thought out space for the three dee effect, and I am guessing here but it seems it would be worth the ticket price. The graphics are seamless, blending with the realities nicely, and the homage to very real film makers is a romantic moment. The two young leads show that if they work their careers correctly they will be superstars. They have that thing, that mixed with talent draws people to them.

This movie I give out of my 10 star rating a 9, the missing star for blatant disablism and the casting of Cohen. As they overlap its saved from eight. This is the best film that has come out thus far this year, though some come very close. Tomorrow I am seeing another film but I know it will be under the shadow of Hugo. This movie will at least vie for the Oscar for best graphics.

When sitting through the half an hour of previews, and creating the preview drinking game (might explain this down below, and yes I do recommend it with Soda or before the movie starts you shall die of alcohol poisoning) I noticed that instead of the single spot for wheelchair users, there are now four in the theatre. This is a standardized set up for each theatre. The chairs are also amazingly comfortable, if you are using the theatre chair. I will update this with an address after my movie watching for the year is complete.

This movie threatre has been amazing about accessibility for the entirety of it’s time, but adding in the option of captions and a myriad of other goodnesses has been amazing to see. The theatre management tries to stay ahead of the curve on technology that lets EVERYONE participate. Now if Hollywood would just catch on to the fact that disabled folks are people… that’d be nifty.

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