Fury is Furious

I am trying to find a $600 dollar RV. The US government shut down will cut off my medication, food, and rent. With my landlord’s ever growing hostility and their case manager already trying to steal my drugs, I am feeling that growing terror in my chest, it says run. RUN.

I will know by Friday the 4th if I am homeless again. If anyone can magic wand me a running RV, though, that’d be fantastic. I don’t know how I’ll get in or around in it, the wheelchair accessible ones don’t come for 600. I do know I’d at least have shelter, and that is something. Plus if I own it, then, no rent after registration fees and insurance. Little bit better maybe.

No idea.

I am so angry with the Government right now. The constant betrayal of we the people, the US has not been a democracy for a long time. The middle class has fallen and now those who were poor are a new level of underclass.


I am tired of being expendable. I am tired of someone else owning my shelter. I am just plain tired.


I am tired of shootings over food in my neighborhood, I am tired of the news not reporting the badness here. I am tired of that instinct that has been poking at me going “flee. Flee. You;’ll die here.”

I am tired of things like being poisoned by my damned apartment manager. No shitting. I am poisoned. I stay I die. Literal. I am tired of hanging by a thread. I cannot hold on when I am holding at the whims of other people.

I am tired of struggling. I know that will never stop but, I am furious. I already started packing boxes, until I found out that the first caregiver didn’t think to MOVE things (which I told her to do) before having people put my lift in the shed. No.. instead? The lift is held up  over glass by a litterbox.

I cannot get help to move it either because the new apartment manager, while not MEAN, is useless. He is always sick or hurt and NEVER can fix anything.

I am tired of having to go “Yeah, I need help again.”

I need help again. This is not the something coming I had hoped for. What I had been going to announce is fallen through. I had been starting a business with someone. Except, the US gov stopped THAT too. This someone cannot help me either, they got reamed as well.

What do I do? Its not like I can contact any agencies to help me, and I surely am not going to let myself loose everything again. I will never live in a house I do not own again.


  1. Hi Kat,

    I’m sorry to hear things are so bad for you right now. I’ve done some reading around the possible government shutdown and while it looks likely, the deadlock is not as tense as it was in 1995 and even then, the shutdown only lasted a few days so there is a glimmer of hope a compromise (or at very least a continuing resolution) will happen.

    I wish I didn’t live 7000 miles away and could come and help you out in some way. Hell, if I lived close I’d put you up if it came to it. Would your carer have to not work if the government shut down or are they exempt?

    If I can be of any help at all, even just googling for options then do let me know. Are you sure your landlord is legally able to throw you out? I know tenants rights in the US are quite poor but there is still some legal framework you may be able to go back to.

    Anyway, I’m thinking of you. Take care


  2. Ugh. I wish I could help. But I’m in NYC and utterly broke myself. The only thing I can do is send wishes your way.

  3. I don’t know what to say… I’m sorry for you

  4. I did get this when you sent it, just getting around to replying. We have yet to shut down which is progress and they did pass some minor addendums or whatever they are really called (cannot remember right this moment) so my SSi is now protected (yay, next step is them giving me enough to live on!), my carer could continue to work, and we have things stabilized there.

    Sadly my landlord could throw me out, is itching for the moment they can, but I’ve not given them any room. I am hyper-vigilant about my housing. I will someday manage to move to the land of somewhere else! Thank you for this Chris.

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