The Forgotten Degree

I am actually a college graduate. I FORGOT. I know the reasons I forgot are actually valid but I remembered this morning that I have a degree, and am torn between laughing and crying since. The crying is over other things but this just put me over the top. I am sick, my uterus is spewing puss now with the”period” stuffs. Yes I have an appointment. No it is not soon enough. I found out yesterday that an embolism isn’t better than a hysterectomy. The recent studies to check on the long term effects were quite scary. Embolization  almost always LEADS to hysterectomy, infection, or death.


I forgot I have a degree. I have to say brain damage on this one. That’s the why. I have an Associates in early Childhood development. This is how I was a TEACHER. Hello! We have found the plot hole and it wasn’t a hole after all. I have wondered for  years how I got that job. How did I manage to be a teacher with no degree? It seemed very weird. Today, I just remembered. Oh yes. Degree.


Still self educated, still lived hard. I just succeeded in one more area than I knew. One less life goal I failed at. It was one of the few, in fact. I tend to achieve my goals. I have always mourned no degree. I still want to go back to school but the world is not ready for that (really, just look at the current administration. They’d shut down the University or something.)


I have a degree. Its utterly useless to me and didn’t cure my disability or poverty. Woops. Silly propaganda.

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