Emergency Information Needed on UK Disability

Hello all, Clair Lewis in Britain is trying to aide someone, I posted this on my facebook already, but I am asking here as you all have so many answers when I question things.


Is there anyone here able to provide urgent advice to a colleague re DWP ‘change of circumstance’ forms – need the name of the form – even better if someone can offer support to a homeless disabled person with navigating benefit forms and claiming income support/ESA”


This is an emergency for fairly obvious reasons, and if you can help please comment. If yo uare okay with me passing on your contact information let me know. Again this is in Britain.


  1. I can’t help directly, but do you know if this person has tried asking fellow disabled people at this chat board?


    The Disability Q&A board would probably be the most logical location to ask this kind of question, though the most active discussion board there is actually “Ouch Talk” Many of the people at this board have had their own dealings with DWP and the various other disability-related bureaucratic stuff in the UK. New members do need to wait a few hours for their first few posts to be actually posted because they are automatically put on “pre-moderation” — ie, a live human has to “approve” their post to ensure that it is an on-topic post from a human (and not spam from a spambot or whatever). After someone has been on pre-moderation for a while, they will eventually be taken out of “pre-moderation” status which means their posts will go up immediately without human intervention.

    Some important changes are apparently being debated / on the verge of being implemented in various disability-related benefits (such as DLA etc) and may cause difficulties for many disabled people in the UK — more at http://thebrokenofbritain.blogspot.com/

  2. Sorry for not publishing this sooner. I didn’t notice it wasn’t preapproved. Should’ve been. Anyway, I passed this on immediately to the people needing help, the issue is settled and you, as usual, have my gratitude. Everyone able to help didn’t know where to start, this made a huge difference.

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