Yep, I am sick again. Actually because I am writing this it should be evidence that I am improved enough to sit at the computer. I may have discovered (in the most vile and painful way possible) the source of that not a period bleeding. I think I am getting infected cysts in my uterus. Swell right? Swell is a pun if that was unclear based on the fact that yes, abscesses do that. Since the last time I was violated my body has not quite healed, and I am still fighting chronic infections there too.

This december has been GREAT despite this fact. Actually I just sent off some lines for Batman stuff, catwoman stuff, was told one of my bits of acting was good enough to make the character possibly reoccur, I got a role I wanted which means I basically talk to myself for a while in this episode of Green Lantern…

and that’s just the last three hours!

I have a phone that works so well I can do anything I want on it. It is the nicest phone beneath the Blackberry/ipHone/Android smartphone level. It was also the bestest Present evar! My phone died, though I am still selling it and the person buying it thinks they can fix it. I sold it cheap, because well accessories will work either way…

My tree is covered in presents now, and the cats are being hilarious. I will eventually figure out how to upload the videos to youtube and I will link to the footage of Sylvani trying to get into his present, if it turned out okay. He and Sprite are targeting only their gifts, which is amusing. They are acting worse than children trying to figure out what is what. Vani is also trying to open my boxes of stuffs but he can’t defeat Mattel’s plastic.

I have some Monster High stuff under the tree, a few other doll things, and I have been crafting despite the fever stuff. That infection seems nearly passed. I can hope at least.

This update feels a bit inane but in general things are good or I can’t talk about it for reasons I also cannot talk about. There is a lot of that, and some of THAT is great too. That sort of silence manditory thing makes me want to change blogs, but… I am not good at hiding. I would be obviously me, and I don’t want to abandon this blog so I won’t. I just think on it when I want to write something and cannot.

In amusement land by the by, I scared the crap out of some Librarian when I asked her about a potential ADA violation. Her brain shut down with the words ADA violation and she seemed as if she would die. The head librarian could and did answer my question and that was that. I just found her reaction to the words ADA Violation a bit amusing. She went from amiable and intelligent to a startled rabbit like creature hopping through the forest of Doom.

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