I just realized I haven’t posted in a while. This is for a good reason actually. I am busy at work on a few projects. October is one of my favorite months, and one in which I always wish I could buy everything halloweeny. My gothness is more out than in too.

I am making currently a series of unique pendants that I will be selling either on Ebay or Etsy, the Cereal Killers Series, the first piece is the Trix Rabbit, he’s dead of course. Killed by his own cereal.

I also, with just a pencil, carved a cat skull for myself out of clay.

Oh oh and then there are the costumes. You will have to wait for Dia De Los Muertos to pass before I shall post again I think, despite my excitement. I want to write about a few things but they must percolate, and those things are negative and I’d rather make vampire fangs and spinal column jewelry.

Oh and in other news, my plan to move out of New Mexico progresses nicely.

Plus my mother is well aware that she screwed up and agreed to pay for the Sylvani’s spaynueter. She may fight me when the bill comes but, she did her usual jerking me around and I am jerking right back, with documentation so if I have to sue I sue.

I am having nightmares, mostly about living with my biological family. It’s quite horrible really, I miss demon slaying with Batman!

Not that Batman slays demons what with his friend being Etrigan…

Okay well babble is over, I shall babble at you soooon!

Oh man I can’t wait to show some of my projects. So far everything is working out to be EXACTLY what it looked like in my head. Sprite’s costume is all fantabulous….

In fact… sneak peak.

a pink towel painted with yellow and black eyes and a cartoon cat face with ears turned into a shrug for Sprite the cutest kitty evar.

Choo Choo Bear is Copyrighted to R. K. Millhouland. I think I spelled that right. Oh heck, just click this link. The archives aren’t accessible but if you can read them the sarcastic humor and biting wit is great. I barely needed ANY of the jokes explained to me.


  1. That is so cute! And your enthusiasm just e-leaps off of the post. I hope October is a good month for you !

  2. October tends to be! Last year was a fluke. I think it’s because there is usually so much to do. This y ear has been a bit bereft in the realm of fun stuff to do, but that’s alright, I can work around people getting cringey about Halloween on Sunday.

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