A Tail and Two Kitties

Nymph is at the time of this writing officially dying. My small and playful little friend may not make it until her appointment in the morning, which is a follow up to the emergency run today. My computer hopes are fully dead, because what is more important to me is life not tech. So my change jar is sitting emptied and I am not sure how to pay for what Nyny needs. I still don’t know all of what she needs.

What is killing her is either a perforation in her intestine, a growth/tumor, or a blockage though the latter is the least likely senario. Tomorrow she is going to have x-rays taken and the blood work and other sampling done today will be in. Tomorrow I will know if there is hope for her. Tonight she is getting medications that could kill me if I don’t wash up enough after taking them and that her bodily secretions will now enflame me over. I love her enough to hurt and itch. I love her. That’s enough to try. This is the best option and I will not let her die just because I was afraid of a little (okay very big) reaction. I am taking precautions but tonight I am wishing I had a god to pray to. M the carer said she will pray, I didn’t argue this. This week has been a bad week in general.

All of my fears for her, some of which seemed unreasonable last month when I was lamenting that she was so small and what ifs… they are all suddenly deadly accurate, terrifyingly so. This happens often, my fears are all logical possibilities but this one is an extreme possibility so why is this happening to her? If there is anything we can do, she will need surgery. There are no ifs ands or buts. I am not sure how to manage that, however, I am going to find a way. I may ask for help. I may? I probably will.

Her fever went up to 105, I was holding her and I felt the heat flairing up. Sprite is responding with sorrow. She’s so smart and when we left with the kitten she was in the window. When we returned she was in her “I has depresshuns” pose, just waiting for a photo and a lolcat caption. She didn’t like what I told her and Nymph likes the baths that are keeping her fever down even more.

The vet sent her home to cut my costs and because there is nothing that they can do for her until tomorrow. So, I am afraid. I am sorrowing. I am lamenting that there aren’t many options for animals unless you have money. This vet is the least expensive in town, I had already been shopping around. I know when I can afford to I am taking Sprite in. Even if Ny dies, I know that these people will do all they can to save her. Nymph said her first human words today, M the Carer was surprised, and I wish they hadn’t been words of fear. “No stop.” Having talking cats just seems to be my thing.

Nymph if she lives and is healthy enough, she will become a service animal. She has the right attributes, and she handled herself so well despite not feeling good. I am impressed with her grace under pressure. She doesn’t want to move or do however, and that is a big concern. When she didn’t want to play, she did yesterday but not today I knew we had to get her in. When I felt the heat in her body, I was scared. I was told by the vet if she had not come in today she would have died for certain. She had a seizure from her fever and is currently hiding and sleeping. I don’t blame her, she now associates the pink carrier of doom with anal probing thermometers and feeling crappy.

So I sit and I think on her tail, her ears, and her fun. She is fun. Nymph has helped me and I helped her. Her other potential home, if I didn’t want her was going to be with an old lady with 17 cats. A hoarder. Ny thrives here, thrived? The sick means past tense but I want her to thrive again. I am trying to stay positive but there’s always another element to anything. Enroute to the vets I had PTSD triggers, the location of my vet is in a bermuda triangle of some unknown event. Still, I think if I close my eyes until we get there and on the way home, then we will all be at least moderately okay and functional. Penicillin is not fun. Oh but the office is more accessible than the more expensive vet.


  1. I am so sorry to learn this news. I don’t pray either, but I’m sending good thoughts and best wishes for you and Nymph.

  2. Thank you, I know she will appreciate them. I decided at the vets that if there is nothing that can be done for her, she will be euthanize. The simple reason is if she will suffer and die then I will not allow her to end her life in horrible pain because we humans just can’t DO anything. I know she is hurting now, but until we have a clearer picture of what is going on and can stop this process I am going to focus on that part because she does deserve the best.

  3. You and Ny are in my thoughts. I am so sorry to hear of her condition and if I could will her into feeling better I would. People who don’t have pets don’t understand.

    …wishing Ny many lolcats moments… will send cheesburger if she promises to get better!

  4. Thinking of you and Nymph. ((()))

  5. Oh Kat, I’m so sorry. I wish there was something that I could do to help. I will keep you and Nymph in my thoughts.

  6. I am so sorry to read this. Diane and I are enjoying our new kitten and gradually introducing him to Oliver. The new kitty – no name yet – had a rough start, and still is on some medication for conjunctivitis. Other than that, though, he’s bouncing back well.

    I hope things turn out well for you and Nymph. I’ll be thinking of you both.

  7. I am *so* sorry to hear this. I know how much losing a pet hurts. I am thinking of you and Nymph.

  8. Thank you, I really appreciate knowing that we are supported even in thought.

  9. 0000000000000000000

    I left that in because those numbers were typed by Nymph herself. I truly appreciate the support you offer and I am honored you read and commented here. I am glad that your kitten is thriving, that fills me and Nymph with pleasure. I am also truly grateful that she didn’t need the introduction time with Sprite, they just meshed perfectly. That never happens, it’s not very cat like of them to get along so well but I am not complaining at all. Hopefully Oliver and his friend (Twist perhaps?) get along soon! I think even if things don’t turn out the way I want, having known her and had the experience of two exceptional and rare cats is good. It proves that there will always be cats for me even if I lose Sprite, which I have been terrified of since the domestic abuse issues and nearly losing her when she was electrocuted. Nymph has given a great gift and hopefully despite the odds she continues to do so. She hasn’t even gotten to wear her harness yet.

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