Emergencies Suck aka Please?

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Above these words should be a nifty graphic with some graphs to track any help I am getting for this. If not click here please.

Kat’s Emergency Computer Fund Drive:

Of the estimated $950 I need to obtain a new computer, I have saved $300.

My computer has proven that it just doesn’t want to live, as I have a very short time to replace this very old, well loved but worn out friend I need some help. I have tried to sell some of the things I own to make up the $650 dollar difference and cannot sell anything else, so I am turning to you my blog readers, facebook friends, people randomly linked to this post…

This will be the last monitor and tower I buy, because from here on out I will upgrade or replace worn down parts if possible. With my All in One via Dell, the first generation many moons ago (This is five years old) I cannot open it up to replace anything. I also cannot use the monitor with any other computer.

I live on $600 a month, and that is with the help of a friend. I have been working very hard to save where I can but my computer is not going to last as long as I need it to. So I am turning to you all for help.

So what do you get besides my undying gratitude for helping me?

I will be writing four songs. I will give you the sheet music and an audio track for each of them in return. You can do anything you want with this, share them with friends, use them in podcasts, etc. They are copyright to me but, this is all I have to offer.

I am looking at the path of least resistance, long term upgradability and use, and I am hoping that enough of you can toss me a dollar that this works out. The XPS one has been giving me the black screen of death, the comforting blue screen is no more. Just a low hum, a gritty growl, and blackness.

I will post here once the four songs are completed, and anyone who has already donated will receive them via email.Each audio file will be at the 192kbps, .mp3 format.


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