I have been thinking about internet trolls lately. I think the internet trolls are likely the same people who I end up making angry in public for daring to exist. My blog is a relatively troll free zone, yet I write in a state of vulnerability, I write about social justice, and I write about many of the same things that are written about by other bloggers.

Am I being sheltered from the Trolls because I am a white woman? I noticed that Renee of Womanist Musings is constantly dealing with the trolls. They attack from all sides endlessly. Most of her guest posters end up with the trolls. Even when I do guest post there I have much fewer instances of what could be called trolling, and their venom is much less potent.

I am a member of minorities by being homosexual, by being disabled, and by being a woman. This does not seem to bring out the hateathon and although I do not WANT the trolls here I find myself wondering if this is another area where I cannot quite understand what they go through because I am sheltered.

I have been looking at the other blogs I read, and all of the blogs with persons of color have much more trolling than my little corner of the internet. Even blogs where you expect the gender trolls to come out and play are less busy than the blogs by people of color. I have decided a few things, and as I grasp for understanding have broken them down as follows.

1. A troll is a puppet of the patriarchial male white cis society.
2. Most trolls are men.
3. Most trolls are white.
4. Most trolls spend countless hours trying to silence people.

Why? I do not understand. I don’t think I can but, I have a challenge for you readers. When you witness Trolling how often is it based on color of skin before all else? The second thing Trolls target seem to be women. AS I said I have had a few trolls but I don’t bother posting most of what they have said, I decided quickly that I will just let them scream in the silence, and it has helped me to refrain from exhaustion but with the small amount of Trollshit on my blog, this is something that can be done. For others with a higher readership this is not possible.

Nor is it possible for anyone to not read the comments posted. I do not know how to stop the trolls but I must say I admire the writers that are trolled a great deal more. I admire the strength it takes in order to keep going. I don’t know that I could manage as well as Jaded16 and Renee do. I cannot stop thinking about this connection. I don’;t have all the words but I must say, I hope to always be a pillar of support for Renee and Jaded16, as well as anyone else that is right and works hard to share their views and change the world. I know sometimes I need support but, with extra trolling (about a million times more trolls per post than here) so do they. Anyone who has not read their blogs should. I am going to point you at my side bar, here or any other post because their links are everywhere here.

This is my way of showing support for those who are trolled. I cannot apologize for them because that is ineffectual. I will however offer my support in the ways I can. I admire your strength and appreciate the energy it takes to write when you know every word means someone is going to fling their poovlige at you in order to try and make you disappear so that their world can be free of anyone that disagrees with them. Keep fighting.



  1. I suspect that you’re right about most trolls being white men, but I’ve very little experience with them. I’ve only been into the net for a couple of years, and the first social net I became involved with was the Richard Dawkins site (as I’m a big fan). On the Dawkins Social site’s chat, we were constantly bombarded with religious nuts trying to convert us (ya, not bloody likely!). It got so bad, that the chat was shut down, which turned out to be a good thing, as I came across a posting, on the Dawkins site, about a new site called The Atheist Nexus, which is exclusively for atheists – no religious nuts allowed, and trolls get their accounts deleted very quickly!

  2. I think you’re right, Kat. The blogs of people of color that I read seem to be peculiarly overinfested with trolls too. And I, too, always wonder where all the trolls that I should be getting are. Not that I want them. πŸ˜‰

  3. I think you’re right.

    Also, I think they largely avoid your blog because you don’t use the popular blog format. Anything over a 1000 words is far far to much thinking for the average troll.

  4. I’ve never really thought much about trolls. They are bullies and a waste of time. But, when I think about it, I really can’t remember any instance where the Troll wasn’t a white male. This may be because I live in an isolated community and lead a sheltered existence. Now, I’m a straight white male with some very conservative viewpoints and some very liberal viewpoint (basically a radical libertarian). But I try not to impose my values or my value system on other people unless they ask for my opinion. I won’t learn anything if I try to stifle someone else. Maybe that makes me a rare breed, maybe I am just fooling myself, I don’t know.

    Some people I read thrive on trolls; they enjoy the attention. Frankly I feel dealing with them is a waste of my time, even when being “the bigger person” is a hard thing to do.

  5. I don’t have anything constructive to add or reply to your comment with so I want to say thank you for commenting. I try to always reply to comm enters and well you know my opinions on most of this stuff anyway (as does anyone else with access to my blog lol)

  6. I haven’t had any trolls on my blog either. Knock on wood! πŸ™‚

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