Nymph has lived here for a week and over all has proven to be an exceptional fit to the life style here. She has learned she cannot climb my legs to get to my lap so she sits on my feet and I either reach her if I can or she jumps up and stretches out on my belly, Sprite doesn’t like this as that is HER spot. I make them share.

Sprite is mostly amused by the kitten but as Nymph tries to do everything that Sprite does at times she tries to hide from her. In the process of hiding Nymph decided to jump from the back of the couch to the window. She missed. I heard the squeak as she went behind the couch (and unplugged my living room lights). Sprite let out a sigh, the disgruntled baby sitter sigh, and went under the couch to rescue the smaller cat. There was a squeak. Then another squeak.

Sprite came over to me and with a look that is tantamount to disgust and worry she walked back to the couch. She did this three times and then waited for me to follow. I rolled over and parked myself beside the couch. Nymph had landed in a spectacularly twisted way, the blanket over the window caught on her claws, her head and shoulders between the folding chair and the wall, and her entire body balanced on one leg. Seeing me she wriggled and let out another plaintive squeak.

The thing was I couldn’t reach her, and I knew it. I studied the position she was in a bit more and looked to Sprite, then figured out how to rescue poor Nymph. I transferred to the couch and leaned over and called Sprite, who walked under my hand, and Nymph moved her paws to her back. I then went to the side of the couch and freed her claw and called Sprite, she walked out with a passenger.

Nymph has yet to be more than three feet from me or Sprite, it varies depending on if Sprite has tried a great escape again. I thought they were both away, as Nymph is still quite skittish and when she clawed me I growled at her. Apparently one growl is more than she expected. So several hours later when I went to get food and refill my drink I checked for any cat tails around me and had a surprise. Asleep right below my footplate were two cats, one curled atop the other.

I am tempted to make a mock animated style comic (a one shot or one page or something) called the Adventures of Sprite and Nymph now. The adorableness… it’s almost overpowering!


  1. You should! That would be hilarious. Sounds like she got herself in quite the kitten predicament today. I’m glad to hear that she’s settling in really well, though.

  2. She gets into a lot of minor ones but this one has me torn between laughing and praying she doesn’t do it again. Though she is figuring out that she can jump, so that is progress. She climbs instead of leaping.

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