Paypal and Ebay (Fail Alert)

Ugh. What a horrible financial day. Though over all my day was good, I finally got to pick up the comic book stuff from Lobo that I wanted. They held the statue and books patiently while everything went wrong as it came to getting them. As you all know my computer equipment has all decided to die, so I decided hey, I can try and save money on Ebay. Stop laughing, I should have known better.

Right now Paypal is going out of it’s way to make me not want to use them. I am going to continue to do so until I find a viable alternative then I am pulling out. First, they gave the wrong address to the shipper. This meant I had to email the guy in a panic because they sent it to some place I have never been. Secondly, they then unverified my address so the other item I bought is on hold while I reverify with no credit card. The person on Paypal’s call in line was VERY rude about my not wanting to use a bank account and refusing to buy a temporary credit card just for her. Seriously! Why should I have to in order to spend money that I actually had to jump through hoops to put in? They profit off of every purchase, so they are really going this route? I told myself I would say something.

Now that you are curious as to what I bought, I bought a wireless trackball and a hat. I paid much less for this hat than I would have in person even with shipping (well that was free actually). I got a hat… warn in the last Batman movie. The Dark Knight. My baseball cap is a little big but it has the Gotham City Police Department Logo. Perfect for cosplaying and protecting myself from sun. Not everything goes with a Fedora sadly.

The second item I just opened. I was leery about this purchase for a few reasons. 1. It’s electronic. Ebay is for things from far far away. 2. The seller’s feedback wasn’t 100% but it wasn’t sooo low that I would cry over it. 3. As is. The seller stated it works. So I tried it, and nope no worky. I opened the battery compartment and found it full of acid. Fun stuff that. I cleaned it up, which is apparently a mistake with this sales person because … well let me get there first. I tried it with a fresh battery. Nope. The reciver is still not working. THen I notice the wires that are torn out of the USB connector. My bad. I bought junk.

I contact the seller. He screams via text. It wasn’t just the all caps, it was actually the phrasings. TheSixFees is this persons user name and I am in the process of reporting them for fraud. Yes the item is used, yes it is as is. Yes he offered a refund after trying to force me to send him photographs of the damage. After denying that it was broken. He even said to call his wife and that his “nephue” was positive I was just a liar. So, I have to find a post office and go soon. I stated it was not convenient for me to do so, so his reacting as if I wanted to have to spend MORE money to send this back to get my money returned is ridiculous. It is illogical to presume anyone wants to waste money on ebay.

I am sending the item back and providing tracking, I am also going to report this (censored) for fraud. I bought a trackball for the explicit purpose of using it. My thought was that I could save myself a lot of frustration as I constantly drop the trackball I have. It hits the floor about six times a day because it has a cord. The new keyboard purchased at Walmart (no where local sells trackballs damn it) has alraedy proven that my ancient keyboard that was build 11 years ago died as a result of serious abuse. I broke that sucker. Woops.

I at the very least will try again but this is the only way I can think of to protect the people I know from a bad seller. I am not enjoying ebay, the process while logical in theory is full of liars, cheaters, and people who are out to get you. I feel this man falls into that category. (They specified their gender, this is not a presumption). I am considering accidentally mailing them cat poop with the trackball but that is just mean. I actually had to get help prying the trackball out as it wouldn’t turn!

So buyer beware, I am going to go sulk now. (Not really, I am going to watch a movie then take a nap)


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  1. I buy a lot of stuff off ebay, and yes, it’s always a “buyer beware” scenario. As for wireless products, I’ve never been able to get any of them to work for me, even if they’re new! Most problems I’ve had with ebay as been with the shipping. You really have to wonder, when a seller in China gets something to you in a week, but one in the US takes 2 weeks! One seller demanded more money before he would sent the item I won, but wouldn’t explain why he needed the extra, then gave me a nasty “feedback”. I solved the dispute through ebay, and got his “feedback’ removed.
    Generally, my ebay experience has been very positive. For instance, I recently won 5 carbide endmill bits on ebay, for my milling machine. Around here (if I could get them), they would have cost me about $30+ each. I got the lot for $21 total, including the shipping! As for PayPal, I’ve never had any problems with them, but I use my credit cards with them, and that seems to give you more power over them.

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