It is Coming…

Alright readers, I have debated asking you for help for a while. You see my computer is old, and I have known for some time that it was getting a bit worn down. I am a bit rough with my technology when it comes to use but I offer high levels of care that balances that out.

This computer came to live with me a year after Sprite. That makes it five years old. Five in computer years is quite a lot, but this would mean nothing if it was an upgradable machine. My computer is an XPS One, and there is no room to upgrade things. This was not a computer I would normally choose, though I do enjoy the quality of screen and sound. In fact this computer has gone above and beyond many of it’s brethren.The average life span of a single unit computer (especially this model) was one year.

My hard disk has begun to skip. The tech savvy among you are now hanging your heads in horror. It is a consistent skip. At least once a day it goes. Further more the XPS fans have gone out, and they aren’t replacable without my calling in a tech.

Here is what I am asking for. I am asking for some help replacing it. I found some very good deals on Newegg. I am talking computer systems that if you built yourself would run you into two thousand range. My goal is to raise 1000 dollars.

This will cover a new monitor (since this is a built in I cannot reuse the monitor), I am going to get one that will last. This will cover a computer that is upgradable and also has enough power already with in the system so that I won’t have to upgrade for a very long time. Also a sizable HDD since I already have three and a half terrabytes full and was eyeing another one already.

Now, my plan is to send everyone something once they donate. It will take time (and a computer that doesn’t die in the middle of creation) but I am going to create a piece of digital art for my donors. Once this is created (it is in process now) I will also put up a sample. Secondarily I am working on selling the scooter so that I can buy the system.

Here is the chip in. It is the exact same link as was given earlier this year for any donations you felt like, so there is no set fundraising limit or goal. I am recycling!

If my computer dies before I manage a replacement I will not abandon you, I will find a way. There is a laptop that works for about an hour a shot, and I can always pop a post out that way or I can see about the library once I have transport. So don’t worry. I just realized however, that I should and can ask for help.

I appreciate knowing that I can ask for help, and I have to say it, has some really good deals. I may even have enough left over for a wireless trackball and keyboard, but my priority right now is making sure I have a way to stay connected to the world with or without working wheelchair.


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