Excitementing Oh mah gosh!

The gate is finally exitable! This officially occured yesterday. There have also been ramp modifications so if I move the joystick wrong ie spasm, seizure, or human error I am not falling off of things. My sun shade is as always full of shady goodness and the flea market, my consistent destination had some fun deals.

I got a hat. Specifically I have a very high quality fedora, brand new. It goes with several of my favorite outfits and Fedora = Classy right?

I just got home and am reveling in the cool of the AC and I am a bit amused with my day. I did already have to put in a call with the repair shop, it seems rattling over uneven ground makes problems for my chair. The head rest is down by my butt (not a joke) and the chair doesn’t seem to ever want to go straight. In my small apartment this was noticable but I thought it was just me. In the big ol world? Nope. It goes left or right but not quite straight.

I did not take Sprite with me, but I did take my caregiver. I didn’t get any allergen exposure except water which some guy was spraying on people. That felt a bit weird but the weird was lost (as was my buying a pretty butterfly pin from him) as I zipped away. Freedom is good. The sun is hot though…

I think I sunburned my toes because I left my shoes at home. I don’t wear them on a regular basis inside and I forgot about them. I also got an iron, a much needed tool for sewing purposes for three dollars. This iron is at least as good as new. No rust, a few minor scratches from buttons, but it was a great deal.

The deal of the day however is… a porcelain bell from prewar Japan! I saw this as we came through the gate, I lifted it, checked the makers mark and the seller said “That’s a quarter.” I handed him a dollar and took the bell and my change before he could change his mind. It’s beautiful, and I am joyous at it’s entry to my home.

I have missed the air, the sun and the sky. I have missed the breeze on my flesh, the droning voices of the passerby. I have missed the freedom. Shackles unbound as legs unwound. I have stared for a life time out a plate glass prison, wishing and hoping and dreaming. Now the moon has risen and shares the sky with the sun and I feel joy for I can see both and so my heart dances.

It is my truest wish that everyone has a moment of nonsense. You see nonsense isn’t a bad thing. It is merely a moment where nothing matters, there is no fear, no hunger, no pain, no worry. Just a moment of being. This is my sharing my moment of nonsense with you. My definition of the word nonsense comes from non, meaning no and sense. It is a moment without sense. It is a moment without sensing. No sensation. Nonsense. Nonsensical may be seen as silly by some but oh, the freedom in a moment where there is no need for sensation or sense.

Plus, I have a really cool hat.


  1. Yay, I’m so glad you are finally able to get out and enjoy yourself!

  2. Me too! So much better than being cooped up inside.

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