The Losers Movie Review

The Losers Review (Spoilers after the jump)

The Cast of the Losers Zoey Saldana, Chris Evans, Idris Elba, Columbus Short, Oscar Jaeneda

Right, first off I don’t think I can review this movie without some Spoilers. Flat out though, I am trying to do this without comparing it to the comic. Over all it was easy since it’s been forever since I watched the film.

This movie has a strong opening, it gets you emotionally invested quickly. You also get a feel for about how gimmicky this film is going to be. I want to say this movie has a bit of Rambo, Die Hard, and Iron Man mixed in. (Just a hint on the tech for Iron Man).

The cast is strong, though I have some concerns about the health of the females involved. I don’t think anyone should ever be so thin that their ribs show and Zoey Saldana appears to be being effected by the unattainable perfection of Hollywood. I don’t know if any woman could work in the Industry without the pressures, since I felt them when I tried. That said she acts rather well, and is mostly believable though her character is written most transparently and is a token female.

This movie tries to be edgy but falls mostly into the realm of clichés. These clichés involve a villain with scarring, a black villain/traitor with scarring, tokenism with women, fat bashing, a hint of homophobia though far less than I expected for a movie, and then every action cliché I can think of from explosions to running around with guns held awkwardly.

One issue on the suspension of disbelief for me is running and climbing with bullets in you. Shock happens even to the well-trained. One actor handled the acting of being shot better than the other. I won’t say which because I don’t want to give away everything in this movie. Neither did a superb job.

There were some great one liners in the film but they did not detract from some pretty tight writing. The ending had some issues, though not as many as a non comic book movie. I think that this is a pretty good film. I didn’t feel it wasted my time.

I just wish that there was more creativity. My favorite scene in the comic book was filmed to perfection yet I was busy being distracted by counting the ways that the writers and film makers are disconnecting their audience via cliches and isms. Though this film had a large cast of people of color, all but one and a half of them were VILLAINS. There was also a large need for white man to rescue brown people.

Another white hero. Yawn. The villain with the scarring also is an openly misogynistic (censored) who manages to fat bash, abuse women with non challance that is never addressed, and his many evils are so blatant that they include racism and disablism. He goes out of his way to make everyone around him feel like shit. This may be great for a villain but I felt it was heavy-handed and again it made me uncomfortable about watching this film.
Spoilers begin here:

If a character has a disability or a scar it needs to go beyond a mark of evil. When the scar is so bad it removes the use of a hand, requires heavy make up, and then has no reason for being there it’s just another clichéd mark of evil to show how bad a person is for being different. For a movie that has so much political commentary about terrorism and the way the US handles things, you would think they may want to explore the white male cisgendered straight able-bodied privilege that they are smearing around.

When the island is sucked up and the jet is crashed at the end, the graphics are sub par. I would say almost cartoony for the jet and definitely cartoony for the island.

The best graphics were used on falling glass. Since this is a fantastically filmed scene no spoilers here.

The fight scene filmography was fairly tight. Most of it was creative, and there was ingenious use of a handicam. However there were also shaky scenes when a steady cam would’ve done a better job than a guy running after an actor and forgetting to not jostle the camera.

The whole fantasy world thing needed to be played up more if you are going to ignore PHYSICS that much.

Sequel baiting is no use for ignoring the need for closure to a film. The ending was almost satisfying but… even having two hispanic dudes rob the white evil villain isn’t good. In fact it’s further racism. Cause “Nice watch Homes.” Gang banger cliche racism says it all there.

I had issue with the women finding a naked man in the elevator who then comments on his penis and them appreciating this. Every woman I know would either mace him, attack him (not out of lust but to hurt his ass) or call security. I personally would’ve done all three. This scene made me uncomfortable as it was not really needed, though the script did use this to further the action. There was another and better way to pull this off, without potentially triggering members of your audience. I was NOT triggered but I know this is a trigger for many people, not just women either.

Another racist cliché is that the white men are all smarter than the black men, and of course the smartest is the evil man. I am still bothered by the fact that the only heavy character was thrown off of a building, called a fat ass, and the lie that fat equates a lack of impulse control was used to make it AOkay that this man died. In fact that was the moment when I stopped enjoying the movie and had a growing sense of discomfort.

Token Female thing bothers me because there was not much depth to Zaldana’s character. A few shots of one of the Loser’s wife only emphasises the tokenism. When the character Pooch states his wife will die in child labour unless he is there and that she couldn’t raise their child alone, I felt pissed. Plenty of women do it alone (censored) so why couldn’t she? She married a spook, she knew the risks and in all likelihood that she’d be raising the kid ALONE.

There is some religious play, I am not sure if it went over a line or not but the side kick villain is told if he were Hindu his life would be easier by one of the Brown People that is Evil but Needs Saving.

By the end of this film the villain and heroes, as well as the creators have managed to slight every single minority group. In this statement I mean anyone who is not a straight white dude. Gay, colored, woman, disabled, fat. Check check check. Since most people fit into this category listing (at least the media tells us we are all fat, and Granny Goodness knows around half the world is female, plenty of people are gay, not everyone is white, and the population of those with disabilities grows daily…) I felt distanced. I felt unwelcome in the audience. This is BAD for the movie. I suspect this feeling will out last the moments of enjoyment I had in this film. This also sucks because I actually could turn my brain down, I sat back and mostly enjoyed this film. I didn’t take any watching breaks, I just…watched.

Cool gadgets, explosions, and patriotic excuses to kill don’t out weigh the bad. The writing was really tight, though there were some plot holes. Some points of the movie fell flat. I also am annoyed again by the sequel baiting. Just write a stand-alone movie. You could always find another villain or like in every comic book ever raise the dead.

If you are a fan of duct tape, this movie is for you however.

Would I suggest this movie to someone else? Yeah, but be aware of the ignorance that the creators have. It shows in every facet. Would I support a sequel? No. Why pay to see more hatred of what my life is. Is it worth it to see it in a theater? Naw. None of the graphics are good enough for that. Just rent it or buy it on DVD.

Oh and for those who are wondering, yes there is a gratuitous sex scene. Any excuse to objectify women here shouldn’t surprise you given that they had a check list of minorities to insult.

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  1. What makes The Losers such winning entertainment is its refusal to take the story or the characters too seriously, alongside a uniformly excellent cast who all step into the shallow boots of their characters with so much fun. God review, check out mine when you can!

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