One of Those Days…

Do you ever have one day of awesome after months of suck? Today is that day. I have pain meds. I have my new wheelchair. As I write this I am reclined, my feet are up because they started to throb, and I didn’t have to go to bed. This has me giddy. I must admit my first impulse with my new chair (which has yet to be named but the buttwheels WILL be named) was to go on the bus, outside, etc.

I didn’t. I want to of course and will but not all at once. I am doing the twenty four hour charge. I did check my mail. First I have to wait for my gate to be fixed. It needs to be wider so I don’t trash my chair trying to get out. I also am going to practice driving a bit because the experience is differrent. I am tired still, I’ve been tired since… forever? I just am excited. Way way too excited. Tomorrow Sprite’s going to get to go outside!

I am also going to sell the Scooter. I got it running again, it has new battery, and I am going to retape the light and such. My goal is to get enough together to buy a new computer. Mine is dying. At least four times a day I now get the black screen of death. Still nothing can burst my bubble in regards to this chair.

I am going to of course write about less sunshine and roses things as always but the best part of my chair? It has a CLOCK in the steering device! No more fumbling for me to find one when needed. Wooh.



  1. Swoooooshhh. That’s how fast I envision you going around! Consider changing your name to the “blur”

  2. Right on! Good to hear thing going good! 🙂

  3. Yay!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so happy for you! 😀


  4. So glad for you! Mine has a clock too–that was great for them to incorporate one. So very glad you have pain meds.

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