I like killing people.

I am working on writing fiction again. Fiction writing has been there, I’ve been building worlds and stories for as long as i can remember. Most of them are works of fantasy, but the story I am working on that has me wondering at how many fictional men I have killed off is meant to be highly realistic.

The protagonist is a woman in a wheelchair. That’s about all you get to know about her right this second, as that script will soon be produced, I just have to edit it a bit. The center of this woman’s life is a lot like mine. It’s a rich history of violence. I was unaware until talking with my new editor however that I have never written a fictional story where things don’t die. Usually they die with a hands on sort of violence.

My weapons of choice?  Knives, small guns, and the garotte.

The women rarely die, and these killing femmes, I guess that makes them femme fatalities really, tend to be strong and are often doing the world a service. I had begun to address concepts of privilege, race, and sexism in my writing before I was consciously aware of it. This script has overt racism, as one of the strong, female characters IS a black woman. The man who uses the language is purposefully white, and is trying to make her stop what she is doing with shame. Does it work? You just have to wait and see.

I like it. I feel a level of satisfaction when I have murdered a character. I don’t always describe the blood and guts, I leave most of that up to the witness (reader, listener, viewer depends on the medium). I leave that in their minds eye, because I find this gives them a taste of death. In a way by reading my stories you have partaken in the murder of the not so innocent fictional bad man.

I have a bit of a formula to my stories, though in between the formula there is great diversity.

1. The lead character is female, usually of color or with a disability or both.

2. Supporting characters are always persons of color, women, or of a non typical gender.

3. I never kill my homosexual characters.

4. All men are created evil.

5. Evil must die

Realizing that I really like killing off evil men, I am going back to my writing roots. You see one of the characters that has been the hardest for me to write and often compels me to write for him is a serial killer. He’s evil. He’s almost a force of nature. He always lives. I entered the realm of patterned writing out of fear, fear based on rejections. It is time to let my serial killer out of his box. He wants to come and play.

I still get to kill people, but the question is, are they good or bad? Who dies? Who lives? I must break my own set rules. After this, I am going to try and write something where no one dies and where things are generally hilarious. Good grief. I may even bring in some of my strong female characters to battle this villain, or I may create a strong male character. There is much I can do. I could do both.

Do you like killing fictional people via writing and reading? If so why?

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