I watched a documentary last night instead of sleeping called Fathead and yes that is a link. It was interesting to look and listen to as this person is advocating the diet I have been forced into by nature but has science to back it up. As a result I spent my morning assessing what I am eating and how I feel. I have been low fat for two months, and my depression has spiralled down more and more. It’s a rapid change.

I also find myself dreaming about CHEDDAR CHEESE. I am giving up the low fat thing, and instead of eating all the sugar I want as the doctor suggested (thankfully not a lot and I did point out I was only trying this to see how I felt to her) I am cutting out sugars that are processed. I do admit every so often I will brownie. I also have ice cream in my freezer. Still, I threw away a cake today, I wasn’t enjoying eating it so it was tossed. I feel no remorse except that it cost money to make. I had been trying to fill a need with the cake that I think fats will fill.

I am posting this here because I want to document this decision. This requires some heavy planning. Right now due to my water allergy I can only drink soda. Everything else causes reactions from blisters in my throat to anaphalactic shock. I have to find a substitute as even diet soda or anything other than Sprite is doing this to me. Sprite is a lot of sugar though, and the cat is pretty sweet too.

This means no more potatoes, corn, and no more rice. This means more meat. The moment I considered this I felt something inside me… relief. I’ve been struggling with the low fat because it tastes foul and rancid to me. The sour cream is indeed sour, not tasty. The only low fat item that stays is the skim milk. That’s because I am allergic to goats milk, won’t touch soy, and full fat milk makes me ill. Skim milk? I can handle and I rather like it.

Some of the guidelines I will be using come from the SCD diet. SCD stands for Specific Carbohydrate Diet. The preceeding link is to a personal blog by a woman named Susan. She has Rumatoid Arthritis (RA), her son is Autistic, and both live on the SCD diet. My own world changed when I dropped most grains and I suspect I may actually regain some of my lost physical ability in this method, and maybe will ditch my deadly depression.

I think once I am totally grain free I will try nuts again, and perhaps a few foods that have made me ill without anaphalactic shock. There is the chance that my body was just reacting for reactions sake, and that means I may have more diversity. I would kill to eat grapes again, though mostly because they are less expensive than strawberries. I do not have to give up my smoothies, and I have always wanted to make my own yoghurt.

My cholesterol was high as a result of stress, I think, and not the fat intake. Also my diet for even me was out of balance. I was starved except for stolen bits of cheese and potato. That’s really going to make you sick. I look forward to having things like a fillet mignon every so often, rewards I forbade myself with no clear reason. It is time for me to enjoy food again.


  1. That’s great, Katyrena! I hope it works for you. You deserve to be able to enjoy your food. 🙂

    I don’t think most people realize how “unnatural” it is for humans to eat grains and processed/extracted sugars. I didn’t even realize it myself until I started learning very recently about when humans first started to eat these things – only a thousand to 2 thousand years ago on the American continents at least. Things like soy beans are actually deadly if they are not heavily processed. Yet when you hear people talk about “processed” foods, they never seem to question things like how a soy bean becomes “milk” or even just edible.

    Anyway, I don’t mean to rant but I am excited for you and wanted to let you know that the archaeology supports you! And just, filet mignon… yum. 😉

  2. the US government did this on purpose too. I became aware that the soybean is a poison when a batch of soymilk wasn’t treated properly and people died in my area. Instead of this being used to demonize the bean of soy, as it should’ve, it was pointed out people die from being fat. Except this is just not true. I don’t eat a lot of calories, and I find it odd that the worst of my depression is as a relapse after cutting fat down. I will tell you this, the minute cheddar is back in the house I am going to have a little party with my nut crackers and microwave, and some ham. Oh gods. My tongue just had a little orgasm at the thought.

  3. Good for you! It’s important to be healthy, of course, but it should never take priority over enjoying food. I’ve also learnt the hard way that dieting can sometimes make you feel worse.

  4. tuned into BBC s very own ethnobotany series ‘grow your own drugs’ last night, and was pleasantly surprised when a recipe for an achievable, within reason, recipe for both a nourishing and tasty cup of tea came up. Here are the ingredients:

    Palmyra sugar
    produced from the sweet, watery sap that drips from cut flower buds of the Borassus tree, found in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

    Turmeric, fresh rhizome ~ peeled and grated

    Ginger, fresh rhizome ~ peelied and grated

    Black loose tea

    Skimmed milk

    all fetched to the boil and strained, then poured to and fro a few times into two jugs, from a manageable height to create that lovely creamy froth we all know and savour, before a final pour into chosen drinking vessel.

    Surprisingly, i learned that turmeric will grow even in non ‘exotic’ climates. A turmeric rhizome can planted in a container pot or window box, prefers south faced, for maximum benefits, or even indoors as a houseplant in a sunny aspect.

  5. You would not believe how much better I felt when I put meat back into my diet, and half the other things people were driving me into the realm of orthorexia by insisting I shouldn’t eat.

  6. I coined a new word today when my new caregiver (fresh out of the package even) and i went through my pantry and threw away the foods I will never eat. It was all starches. The only thing I haven’t figured out is a way around the water allergy and my inability to drink things outside of Sprite on a regular basis. Dehydration vs diabetes? Yargh. The new word by the way is carbage. We dumped all the carbage out of my kitchen.

    I already feel better. It’s been 24 hours, and I feel better. That says something right there. I actually have energy despite not sleeping last night. Enough so I may forgo my nap.

  7. I actually have most of these ingredients on hand, and have started a similar process to see if my system will handle the tea right now. Tea is a particularly tricky thing, half the time I can handle the tea itself the rest of the time it is as verboten as water. I am hoping with less carbs in my diet that my ability to handle drinks will increase. The soda thing irks me as, it’s so BAD for my body.

  8. Actually the information I have been verifying out of the documentary is suggesting that I am being healthier by eating the meats I desire. This means of course that by not having a diet that makes me feel like crap and ignoring the lies about cholesterol and fat being bad for you, I am improving my health. So I get the best of bothworlds!

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