Caregiver Wrangling Update

My choice to call in and self advocate worked well. I was given an apology for the less than professional behavior, and I also interviewed someone new. She just transferred to me from her old client. My latest caregiver came to me without ANY trepidation on my part. I asked the usual questions, I watched Sprite, she understood what Sprite was saying. That was new. most take a few days.

She worked for an hour or so here, I got to eat. It was GOOD too. She helped me salvage some meat that had spoiled and I had my last potato for a while. So, despite the entire frustration level issue, good came out of it. Proactivity for the win!


  1. Good to hear it worked out! 🙂

  2. Yes, the original plan of a caregiver rarely seems to work. It’s nice to finally have someone in that I don’t have any trepidation about. Sprite doesn’t roll belly up for anyone on the first date, and she did for this woman. That was when I decided she could try working and we’d see.

  3. Sprite rolled belly up for her?! Now that’s a good sign! I have 2 cats, Cochara (female, mostly gray tabby type, born in 2003, to our shop cat, and a feral male) and Ginger (male, kind of light ginger tabby, born in 2004, same mom, different feral father), and offering there belly to any one means that they trust them. Unlike Sprite though, my kitties are “free range”, and come and go as they please. Sprite is your helper cat, where as I’m Cochara and Ginger’s helper human!

  4. Glad you self advocated and glad you have a new worker who seems to be just what you need.

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