Do you even pay attention? (Trigger Warning)

Kowalski from Here There Be Dragons sent this link via Facebook. The link is horrible. It’s bad. It’s extremely triggering. Here it is. I will let you find out the title there if you can handle such hate. It’s a hate group against Children with Downsyndrome. The title specifies this. They are called monsters. I ran into an old friend this weekend who happens to have Downs. She was my wake up call to the reality of the disabled.

J had a job, she can out work me now actually. We worked together for a while. She turned out to have the best sense of humor. She also was prideful, beautiful, and enchanting. I do not honestly remember everyone I know’s name. Names are rarely important. I remember her. I enjoyed talking with her. She was not a monster.

I am asking for everyone to report this. I did so on my facebook page and to my horror people turned around and … joined. So now I am posting here. Do they even pay attention to what this means? What if someone with Downs comes across that page? Adult or child it does not matter. The hate there is damaging to ME and I do not happen to have that particular condition. Just knowing it is there, festering away. I feel ill.


  1. Unfortunately, there do seem to be a number of facebook groups devoted to saying disgusting, hateful things about people with disabilities.

    There used to be a facebook group fighting against hate speech among other facebook groups. I can’t find the group itself any more (it seems to have died or something because the link no longer works), but you can read about that group at

    If you hunt around maybe you can find some other, newer facebook groups that also coordinate campaigns to stop hate speech against people with Down’s Syndrome or other people with intellectual disabilities or other disabilities.

    One group speaking out against the word “r*t@rd’ is at

  2. It really sucks that in this day and age, there are still bigots out there. Really, it does. Why do they have to spread their hate about disabled people around?
    On the other side of the coin though, at least their hate is obvious. There was a post written in 2006 by abfh called Give Me an Honest Bigot about a blog called Hating Autism that was started around that time. In that same vein, the Westboro Baptist church goes on about how “God hates retards” and yet says that goths are bad because they supposedly are mean to the handicapped. In contrast, organizations like Autism Speaks don’t flat-out say that they hate autistic people, they just say that the fact that we exist is a bad thing, and so they are able to have millions of supporters. In that way, dancing around the word hate is in the long run much worse than flat-out confessing hatred towards certain groups.

  3. Thank you for the links. That is amazing. I will never quite understand hatred. I remember when i was first aware of it, but even then it felt disgusting, wrong, and futile.

    Being a Goth I have to say, some of the nicest people in regards to my disability are other goths too. What a world we live in. How ideals are twisted to try and hide the truths. At least when people are honest about their hate I can cut them out.

  4. Thank you! I sent an email to a bigger blog with an average of 1 million readers a day (sometimes I write for them). I asked if they could spread the word and after a time the group magically became inaccessible. So there is progress, and hope even if some people have to be “that way”.

    As always Andrea, thank you for the further information on what to do next time. You are always such an asset.

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