Too Gosh Darned Quiet!

Sorry I went quiet again. I do not intend to be so quiet. From now on, at a minimum… there will be a post here that is also going to be on the Womanist Musings website once a week. (We can call it Womanist Musings Wednesdays?) I will post the bio here too, as a post of it’s own so that you can see my tactic for it. It is not a traditional biography.

I have news! I am starting a book this weekend. I feel like me again most of the time, though I am still fighting off that urge to die. It gets smaller every day. I still have not found a therapist, but I am thankfully strong enough to manage. It helps that the agency that now manages my caregivers has great staff.

In other news there is hope on the horizon for more awareness about Celiac Sprue. This may have the concequence of higher prices for food, but I secretly hope that there is more competition in the market now. Every new seller of HONEST gluten free food is another that makes the market fairer. There needs to be less of a monopoly on the market. I have noticed in the last year that two major corporations have made a big fuss about being Gluten Free, and that is a start. Thank you Betty Crocker (mmbrownies) and General Mills (eh rice checks).

I do know some more sensitive celiacs are reacting to the Betty Crocker products, but I suspect that if congress and the senate force more legislation down the FDA’s throat that will get better. I think the incident above proves that we need legislation in this country, forcing sellers to have proven testing. That will cut down on this dangerous and deadly fraud.

I am also auditioning for a live singing gig on Second Life. If this comes through I will post a schedule, though the sim has some restrictions on who can come and go. I may just post a time and a stream link. It is exciting, and I suspect I will get the job.

Now, I want to tell you all a bit about my book, and you tell me if this is something that you would want to read. Also suggest genre for it, because I am stumped!

The book centers around our main character (She who has yet to be named). She and three friends go up to a cabin in the woods that connects with a camp. It is not quite summer yet but these three disabled women are going to take a break from society. Once they settle into the cabin, tragedy strikes. They are taken hostage by kidnappers who are using them as practice for further crime. The reasoning for selecting these women? “You are easy prey, no one will notice a few disabled sluts going missing for a while, and once they do? No one is going to care.”

Our main character must fight for her freedom, the freedom of her friends, and to protect the future targets that these men have. There is no cell reception, they have guns, what ever is she going to do?

That’s all for now. Nothing dramatic (except the blurb). After I write it, I may post a chapter here periodically too. I want you all to know that being a writer means writing, and I want to start writing happier things. I suspect my take on happy may mean only a few people die in the story, but this is worth a shot.

I realized recently I have enough experience to write an indepth book. I have suffered physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have had great joys in equal contrast. I have had love at first sight. I  have lost everything I own not once, not twice, but three times. My own life may someday have to be made into a movie, but Stephen King may try and sue for copyright infringement.


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