Bed. Bed. Bed. Bed. I have a bed. I have a silky comforter that is so thick that I couldn’t feel my cat climb onto me. I have a bed that is free of mold. I have a bed. I slept. Eighteen hours! Bed. I may go back to it.

My waterbed is repaired, filled, made, and it is a bastion of rest. I cannot seem to resist the silky allure of the EGYPTIAN COTTON (heee) sheets that M gave me. I cannot resist the feeling of my couch cushions turned pillows (in cases too) or the ability to lay flat. Oh my back hurts so much less today. I was living at a ten on that ridiculous one to ten scale. I didn’t sleep beyond a few catnaps for a month.

I slept! Now all is well. I can unpack, I can just lay there if I want. I slept! I will have to make my bed again and show you all what it looks like. The cover is red with lotus blossoms in gold, the pillows match with a hint of oriental flare. There are acecnt pillows and frilly curtains

I have a bed. It is wonderful. I noted that with the bed properly filled I do not have to crawl out, I can actually just roll over the edge and stand up. I am careful to make sure my legs are under me before the standing part commences and even as I type this Sprite is trying to get me to go back to it. So I will. See you later I am going to BED!


  1. Congrats on the bed!

    Have you ever tried satin sheets? They can sometimes be a little *too* slippery, but can feel pretty good against the skin too.

    My partner and I have a set of sheets made of, I’m not sure what except some sort of cotton processed to “feel like a t-shirt” (the label says something among those lines) … we like those too, plus a set of sheets made of flannel. (We got all these when a store near us was having a going-out-of business sale, otherwise would never have indulged in quite so many sets)

    Sounds like your Egyptian cotton is working well for you, I don’t think I’ve ever slept with that.

    You deserve to finally have something you can have a proper sleep in!

  2. I have never had sheets on a bed before or a bed with any bedding beyond what I could have at the dollar store. The cats and I both keep vanishing between the folds. It’s also wonderful to be able to lay down when I need to, because I have so much energy right now. I feel alive again. I think everyone deserves a bed as plush as what I have right now. I have tried satin sheets but now that I am not as coordinated they would be dangerous. I used to slide off of my bed in my sleep with them, but, I highly recommend them as long as you have a net!

    I like the Egyptian Cotton, it is a bit like tee shirt material but it is softer to my touch and without the nubbly effect so that it is also quite silky. It doesn’t hurt my skin at all, which is difficult to find. Both my comforter (I would guess four inches or more in thickness) and the sheets have that effect. I have raw spots from my couch as it is a rough fabric but it was free. In the trashcan.

    I do not understand why sheets are so expensive though. What makes them a luxury item exactly? I get why fancy cotton is, or some of the quality sheets are but all waterbed sheets that I found are at least fifty dollars. That’s too high a price to pay but, you need sheets…

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