Asking For Help

Flat out, I need help. This is something that I’ve gone over a few times in this blog. I am finally giving in and asking. Some of you have offered to help me and that has alone been help.

Right now, I am focusing on getting my legs back. I am staring at the back of my scooter, it’s right now the world’s largest door stop to keep the door from opening while I sleep, but that is as much as it can do. Here is the link. Please pass this around. I will add this link to the side bar. The repairs are extensive, but most are somewhat optional, as long as I can get batteries. Those are also the most expensive part.

My goal once I have my legs back is not just to run wild and scare the able bodied people with my ability to spin donuts but it is also to use my ability to go places to help people. I am an advocate by nature, and the nature of advocacy requires mobility.

I am tired of crawling. I once wrote an Essay about dealing with disability called Army Crawling, and now I am doing that literally every day. This is effecting my health, and my body. I have asked for help from local organizations but their requirement for help is the loss of my freedom. I will not move into a nursing home so that these people feel good about helping me and don’t have to risk my actually living my life. I cannot fathom some of the responses, but I also know that there are other ways to get help. I am putting my freedom in your hands. If you can’t help, just pass my story along. Perhaps someone else who needs help can ask for it then too.


  1. When I came home from work to day, and checked out my Facebook, I saw a friend’s link to her Turner & Kowalski blog. As a regular reader, and fan of this blog (and Kowalski’s previous blogs), I read of you plight. Up here, in Canada, you wouldn’t have this problem, thanks to our health care system. Unfortunately, the American system suck for most people. Because of this, I am pleased to be able to help a little.
    You7r blog is now on my bookmark list, and I look forward to reading more from you. Also, your logo is very cool!

  2. Macsen, I am also sending personal emails to everyone who donated, but your help is appreciated. There is no gratitude that can encompass the level of gratefulness I feel. It is beyond that. You give me life. Thank you for the compliments and I am honored to have such support.

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