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I have recently had a bunch of questions asked about my art. I am predominantly a writer, and while this is all well and good sometimes I need to get my visual creativity on. I don’t draw any longer, and have explained a limitation a few times that binds me to my mouse. Painting with a mouse is very difficult. Most of the time this unrefined method is eschewed as soon as the artist can afford a tablet. I even own a tablet.

I used to draw, ink and paint. I used to be very good at it. I could do photo realistic art although I preferred to work with an impressionist style. This style doesn’t work with the mouse, therefore my style has altered. I will try and get a few older pieces added to my gallery to show you the improvements that I have made as well. I think I am a better artist because I have to put effort into it.

Recently I have had a few commissions come my way, and had to turn a few down based on their insistence I do my own line art. No amount of money is worth pain that vies for supremecy with a partially severed spinal cord. Holding a round object like a pen, a paint brush and even at times just feeding myself leaves me wearing a brace on my wrist and considering cutting my arm off for relief.

What caused this injury? I consider it a bit of Irony with a capital I that this occured in an art class. It was my first semester of college. I was fighting my broken back that had yet to be diagnosed, dragging myself from class to class but looked forward to my art class most of all. I arrived a bit early, for once. Pulling out my lunch which consisted of a candy bar, rich dark chocolate, I began to eat it. This was my entire food supply unless I could get a ride to the store, and it had been over a month. My roommates didn’t think it was a viable option that I should get food. Last time I had tried to ride the bus I had fainted, so, I was resorting to candy.

My friend, her name will not be mentioned to protect the guilty, came in and asked for a piece of my candy. I said, “No.” This was apparently a mistake, though I had thought that being two adults we could each understand that I really just wasn’t going to share and she could get some for herself later. Instead she decided assault was the best method.

She twisted my arm, and asked again. I said no. She kept twisting and the end result was the reversal of the two bones in my fore arm, all the nerves tearing or stretching, most are torn and a lot of torn ligaments. Most of the injuries will never heal because of the other pre-existing conditions. I had no fine motor skills for over six months, I had to adapt to my other arm, although she had also damaged that with the same method. They managed to fix most of my arm without surgery, and considered the rest of the repair an elective proceedure because I had no insurance. This is the same hospital that missed the break in my spine.

Shortly after this I dropped out of College, I couldn’t take my own notes and my education was suffering. I couldn’t even type them on my laptop, which exploded and the exhaustion I was suffering from due to the physical stress of four 8 hour days caught up to me. I have no regrets about dropping out, and still cannot handle the physical work load going to class would require of me. I have checked in to correspondence classes but none of the offerings actually interest me.

I did press charges against my one time friend, and she has never felt the need to apologize. I was given witness statements by the other students in the class, and as a result of her culpability being proven she was expelled. This effected her entire future as much as mine. I did my own physical therapy and focused first on relearning how to type. It took me two years to get to the point of being able to sign my name.

My hand is getting worse however, and even using a mouse is causing a lot of pain. I still am pain free when typing but, I am going to see a doctor about this problem. Maybe I will relearn how to draw, if there is a treatment. I know it will have to be nonsurgical, so my hopes are limited. I hope this explains to those of you wondering why I only do color work or writing what is up with that.

I wish I had taken the rest of that art class too. I haven’t had much formal training, this was only the second month of class and we’d barely gotten to shading. I am always looking at varying pieces of art, and trying to dissect it. So feel free to critique anything in my gallery, unless it is otherwise marked.

To reach my gallery go here


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