Over Reacting?

Am I over reacting to the news about the new Rogan movie? I made the choice to make my friends, male and female aware of the rape scene. Most of them either didn’t care or thought I was over reacting.

“Don’t get mad.” “I don’t care.” “It doesn’t effect me.” My choice to become angry earned me dozens of people telling me my upset is invalid. The movie looks funny to them. I have yet to find any Rogan film actually funny, but trying to warn them to protect my friends has only gained me treatment that I would never offer them. In trying to explain why a date rape scene as comedy is not funny, I am told instead to stop over reacting.

How is wanting to protect someone an over reaction? Yes I asked for a boycott but I didn’t ask for proof or an answer. I didn’t explain well, when being told there is no sexism in movies like Knocked Up. There isn’t? I am not going to list the instances, unless someone really requests it because that will take me hours. I do not have the time right this second.

I am tired of spoon feeding people answers. I am tired of being cussed at, told to not have an opinion, and treated like garbage. I am tired of the temptation to cuss back. Why should I be cussed at when I tell someone we need to change the subject four times, and get angry? Why are my emotions invalid?

I am not over reacting. The idea of paying to see a film and having a very real trauma treated as a joke disgusts me. The idea that any actor or actress would choose to portray these roles disturbs me. “Don’t Blame Rogan.” Why? Actors and Actresses are allowed to speak up, especially established actors. Rogan qualifies. He and Ferris both could have said no. Neither did.

Why shouldn’t I react? Why should I passively sit back and let it go? Why do I have to manually link, explain, and define everything? What happened to the freedom of thought? I know those of you reading this actually do think. I am sorry for the blanket questions, yet there is a huge gap out there.

Does age really invalidate the need for critical thinking? I am not sure that my brain qualifies me to try and guess what others think. I don’t really know what the development of a normal person is. Trauma alone changed my needs and the skills that come with survival. Is it wrong for me to expect a person who is well aware of their enviroment and the abuses that are surrounding them to free themselves? Why wait it out? What good does that do you? What if you do not survive the waiting period?

Is it wrong for me to find someone saying that my choice to not curse, even when extremely angry, is a superiority complex silly? I don’t think so but what about the typical person? I use the word typical here to mean someone who is not Autustic, someone who is not a sufferer of abuse. Someone else.

Why is it wrong to react with passion to something that should be criminal? Why is it wrong to expect someone to at least take slight notice of the patriarchy? I always have. I have always been aware of the sexism and pecking order in the world. Aside from choice how can you be blind to it? How can you not see what is slapping you in the face daily? What makes you choose that?
Yes, there are a lot of questions here but, I think they are valid. Most are hypothetical, but if you can answer them please do.

Also, I am requesting that you boycott the new Seth Rogan movie Observe and Report. Imagine paying to have flashbacks? That’s what has me prickling like a hedgehog. I can’t really imagine paying to watch any woman act like an under educated nitwit either, but, some people find sexism and degredation funny apparently.

One last question. Is it wrong for me, to regardless of age, expect the same respect I offer people by not cursing? Why should I allow someone to call be names just to satisfy their immaturity? Does being a teenager mean I should have higher standards or should I lower them and let people degrade themselves? Should I let the people in my life treat me like crap because they expect me to allow this? I choose to say something when someone curses at me, but, each time there is always just another name. Do I cut them out as I have other people who hurt me? Is that an over reaction or is it just temptation for self preservation?


  1. I hadn’t heard of this film so I did a bit of online searching. Many reviews do not mention the rape scene, but some did.

    It sounds awful – non-consensual sex is rape. It is not funny. It is not ok. I can’t understand anyone thinking it might be funny or ok or

    I don’t know who told you that you were “over-reacting”. I don’t think you were. I think those who accused you of “over-reacting” have the problem.

  2. I applaud you for your strength and courage to stand up on this sensitive issue. While I have not seen this movie myself (and never will) I agree that this is extreme sexism and completely inappropriate to portray a traumatic experience as humor. Where have we as a people gone wrong if this is funny to us? What kind of desensitization is this? Recently I read of a woman being raped in a NY subway and the train employees did nothing to stop it besides calling it in. What apathy. http://tinyurl.com/cmtenl

  3. Being offended by offensive things is normal and healthy. Ditto wishing to respect and be respected in conversation. People saying you are over reacting or getting upset that you don’t cuss and prefer they don’t boils down to one thing: a lot of people make knowing and agreeing with consensus the core of their existence, their god, if you will. When you challenge the consensus, to them, it’s a sort of sacrilege. Logically then, they respond to your polite disagreement as blasphemy.

  4. Well, I have a potty-mouth myself but I try not to bring it to your blog out of simple respect for you and I hope you can forgive me when I resort to it on mine. 🙂

    I don’t think you’re overreacting at all. And I don’t want to see that either so thank you for letting me know about it. It’s too bad – I think Rogan is a good story-teller but the sexism and homophobia and transphobia really makes his movies hard to watch. It makes me feel like I always did when there would be a group of boys doing fun things nearby but any effort I made to join them would just mean that they would mercilessly make fun of me; I never understood it and I’m not really interested in reliving it through movies.

  5. Thank you all. The lack of comprehension as to why this is a bad thing left me confused and wondering if I was going nuts! You each make valid points as well. I hope to someday be able to influence movies that are not anti anyone, but tell a story as simply as that.

    As far as cursing goes, I don’t judge if you curse in your own space it’s just something I don’t really understand and as you respect my space how can I not respect yours? As far as I have read you don’t curse at people who disagree.

    I really appreciate the answers and the time spent reading my words.

  6. The lack of comprehension as to why this is a bad thing left me confused and wondering if I was going nuts!

    No, you’re not going nuts. I haven’t seen this particular film or rape scene, but I don’t think I nned to know it’s not funny. It’s rape. What could possibly be funny about that?! You’re not overreacting. Not at all.

    I’m enjoying your blog. I found it via Truthwalker’s. You’re a very good writer!

  7. Lottie, thank you for the compliment on my writing.

    I do not think I will see any nonsuperhero Rogan movies. I have reached a point where I no longer look forward to most movies, there is always something hidden with in, poisoned treats.

  8. I think that it is one of the worst things about oppression – we can know something is wrong but there is always a doubt. The cultures we live seem to reinforce this doubt – we often seem to be alone in thinking about these things so we end up doubting ourselves. “Am I over-reacting? Am I missing something that the others get? Did I cause this oppression/abuse?” I struggle with this myself, I think overcoming this is possible – the support of others is important and by remembering and sticking with what is important and truthful. One positive thing about the internet is connecting with people and ideas which strengthen us.

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