Time to Wake Up!

I like to sleep. I rarely get enough of it, my body is insomnia prone and yet for the last month I have slept every single night. I don’t know why, maybe I am more tired? I don’t eat a lot before bed, I have a good mattress, all the usual medical stuff has been tried. I used to fear sleep even, because sleep is when you are vulnerable.

My sensitivity to environmental change is becoming an issue. William Shakespurr has discovered that he can bounce the bed and the human makes strange growling sounds and must resist the urge to fling pillows at him. Sprite has begun to exploit this too. If neither of her persons is up by 10 am (I go to bed between 5 am and 7 am) she has begun to wake me. Not my Person. Me. He sleeps like a log. I think I could set off a stampede of elephants with sousaphones and he would still sleep through it.

I am not sure how to make her stop, I think it is only fair she gets fed, and I am trying to get her to try waking up my Person instead. Three days in a row, and an hour earlier each day, she has begun to try and wake me. This is not good, because of my challenges getting to sleep. It could be the effect of her fears at night, I have been decreasing the amount of light in the house. It could be the influence of William Shakespurr. It could even be the influence of my neighbors upstairs and their Six AM vaccume cleaner usage.

I am currently faking sleep, until she goes away. This is really not working. Any advice?

I can’t lock Sprite out, though I have started locking William out of the bedroom at night. He thinks running into walls is a fun past time and doesn’t sleep much at night…


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  1. I have two cats who used to be holy terrors in the middle of the night. I too have one cat who I can NOT lock out of the bedroom and one who has never been a bed cat. Tweak (My princess) used to be completely annoying in the middle of the night, sitting on my head purring, running around on the bed, nudging me. Ugh So I started waking her up when she was asleep on the couch in the middle of the day. No naps for you! I would also start pushing her off the bed if she was being annoying and she finally started to figure it out. No purring or nudging in the middle of the night! The littlest kitteh Punkin, She was the worst! Running at mock 10 through the house, meowing and looking for something to do! UGh! I just started shutting the bedroom door and after a little while she wasn’t getting the attention that she wanted, she stopped being a goof! Eventually she started sleeping through the night! Good Luck! hope them start letting you sleep soon!

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