Bad News

I am sick of advertisements for the news. So often it is a disgusting advertisement that often triggers me. At five in the afternoon they are showing the gore of a dead body, when children are more likely to see it. I can understand to an extent showing some of the gore in life, but, it is gratuitous. It is overly done. It is painful and wrong.

These news stations do not take into account the more sensitive viewers, those with PTSD, or those who need to shelter themselves. Half the time when I try, I cannot make it five minutes into a news program because of the unnecessary gore. Gore is not necessary to give an impactful report. I can give a speech and I can direct my audience into a specific state of emotion with the power of my words. They used to warn you before showing graphic imagery.

I remember it clearly, the news woman with the strange hair and deep voice said, “This next report is rather graphic, if you are sensitive or if there are children in the room we recommend that you turn the station or leave the room for the next five minutes.” Then, they would wait about thirty seconds and usually my mother would send me away, though I often peaked around the corners, and would find myself upset by the very thing she meant to protect me from.

Now they try to slam you with the grotesque, with the horrors of the world. I understand censorship is wrong but warning people isn’t censorship. Do we need to see every dead body? Do we need to see the blood and guts? Isn’t it awful enough to have heard about it? They forget too, the survivors of crime. Often when a crime is reported the victim or the survivors of the victim have yet to tell everyone and in some cases they have yet to even find out. Now there is no shelter or protection from the cruelty of the reports, they do not get the benefit of waiting.

The excuse for this disgusting behavior? Accurate reporting. Most reports are baised, do not actually touch on real issues, and they do not have much effect. If accurate reporting was used, then, there would be no need to try and submerge the viewer in a horror movie, one that is more horrid because it is real.

This rant came from a report showing evidence in an unsolved murder on TV. The police do not have the benefit of using that tidbit of information, now it is public knowlege and adds to the burden with false confessions and misleading rumors. This murder is one that effects me. I knew the victims, we grew up together. I am hoping it is solved someday but, I am not sure I would want to see the news report. Too much information .



  1. Ugh, I know what you mean. I don’t have PTSD but I do have a bad reaction to seeing needles going into skin, which they show all the time on television.

    I noticed recently, too, while searching for pictures on Google Images, that “moderate safe search” doesn’t keep you safe from really disgusting imagery of blood and guts, it only keeps you safe from images of people having sex. I naively searched for “severed” to see if I could find an image of a fake severed finger and, well, let’s just say I had to hit the back button really fast because the images were more than even a person without PTSD could bear!

    I want to blame the rather natural desire for titillation but at the same time, the fact that it’s okay to show absurd amounts of violence but not okay to show some extra human flesh suggests a major imbalance to me.

    I’m not sure if this is a symptom or the cause of how sick our society is. Which came first, the desensitization to violent images or the violence?

  2. I suspect it is not that we are really desensitized, especially since there are multitudes of people who turn away in disgust, but that the media seems to think extremism is desired.Yes, some shows are popular based on their extreme and rather grotesque nature.

    A part of what reenforces this “Trend” comes from the limited access to non gorey films. The Watchmen film for example had extra gore. The graphic novel was pretty darned graphic but, the director added more to make it feel “more modern.” To me this is a trend that started in the last ten years. I might even call it the Era of Saw or the Era of Gorror.

    Gore does not make a horror story. This trend also goes hand in hand with less quality writing being accepted in the media as well.

  3. I live in Canada and things are pretty different here. We do not have the gory, nasty news broadcasts that I have noticed are typical on American channels. Our news stations will often just TELL you about a story and there wont be any video to go with it. Just the news anchor. In our television programs the censorship is much different as well. American channels will have the curse words and sex completely edited out of movies and TV Programs, while here in Canada, the sex and swearing are acceptable and the violence and gore and such will be edited out. Makes a difference watching a movie on a Canadian channel VS on an American Station. Do you get any Canadian channels?

  4. Sadly no, though this does influence my desire to move north all the more! There is an imbalance with our media, and although oversexualization is just as bad, someone has to have it right. (Not to imply that your stations are overly sexed.)

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