Too often my writing focuses on difficult topics. I challenge myself to put out a call to action with every word. This is wearing at times and tonight, I decided I needed a treat. There is so little that I can actually eat, I miss things like bread. I miss the texture of it in my mouth, the flavour, but not the pain. I miss a lot, and at times my food allergies debilitate me. I am about to eat home made brownies. They won’t poison me either. Gluten Free brownies are among the best in the world. In some ways my gourmet back ground has helped me to adapt to my limited diet. Being allergic to vitamins I have to try and keep everything balanced. I also have need of more sugar than average to keep a normal reading. My system tests out normally but I eat a lot of sugar. I lost weight once I started giving in to the need for sweet. My sugars often come from fruit.

Not tonight though. Tonight, I dessert in Heaven. I am rarely able to cook, but, aside from taking them out of the oven I did the work. I felt the batter as it swirled beneath my wooden spoon, the crack of the egg sent a shudder of glee into my soul. I also know that my brownies will not be adulterated by a flavor blocking agent. Gluten Free chocolate is the best. Some of the most famous chocolate desserts lack wheat. There are crustless cheese cakes…

I do not feel limited now. I have licked the bowl clean, my Person just took the brownies out of the oven, and I can smell them. The cats are even dancing. They had their own food treats today. Miniature hamburgers. They both are special needs, and the treat made their day. They both curled up at my side until it was chocolate time, sharing in the glee of good food.

It is easy to forget to nourish our bodies with pleasure. Sometimes with food allergies it is difficult to find anything safe, and so bland rules the day. I rarely add spices to food, I hardly use salt, but, tonight? I will have spice and flavour.

Chocolate, my version of catnip. Special brownies for me are the kind I can eat. What is it that you do to reward yourself? Today was the most difficult day I have faced in a very long time, but right now I feel as if I am floating in a heavenly state. It isn’t the chocolate alone, but the sheer amount of love that pervades my home. I hear the soft and tinkling bells of heaven, I feel the song of life in my soul.

Have a brownie, have some life. Feel the love and pass the digital brownie plate on.

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