Updated Sections

I just realized I should actually post when I update things.

I updated a lot of the pageant information, now there are actual details instead of just “Yarrrr coming soon” posts. I also updated my disabilities information page and I added links about Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I am planning to add photos to the photo section this week, though I am not certain of what.

I also opened the Yahoo Group for the pageant discussions and contests. I am going to write up the rules for the first pageant for IMVU tonight, to distract myself from my lack of speech preparation. I may be decent and prepare instead.

I want to put a call out for art as well. If you can draw keep an eye out for the details on the impending art contest. Here’s a hint. Corkscrew of Justice. I want it drawn.

A health update is due as well. I am almost completely perfect, for my average. I still have a nasty cough but, it is residual. My service cat has begun to regain her voice as well.

One last note, I haven’t been blogging for a month yet and have consistent readers, at least ten views a day. Thank you for your support! I am honored to be read so often. In the last twenty days there have been over 300 hits to this blog. I am certain this is much lower than some of the .com blogs that have been around but, it is encouraging. I am not going anywhere.



  1. Like the redesign. The articles are easier on the eyes.

  2. Thank you, Fnordius. You’re partially responsible, after our discussion about the distracting nature of the data, I went layout shopping. Alas, it isn’t green but, mold is so not everything green is good.

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